Guys Don’t Have Respect For Ladies Anymore—Nollywood Actress, Ovo Gabriel

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Fast rising Nolywood actress, presenter and model, Ovo Gabriel, has taken fans by surprise as she revealed that she could act unclad roles if she is well paid.

The Delta State born Nursing Educa¬tion & Presentation graduate, in an interview with sun newspaper, explained that though acting nude is never her style, but could give it a trial if she is paid the of N2 billion.

“Acting nude is not my style. I guess N2 billion may just entice me,” she suggested.

She further attacked her fellow actresses who throw themselves on directors just to get movie roles noting that it makes the men not to respect any lady they see because they have the perception that all ladies are the same.

“I think it is not honourable for a lady to throw herself at a guy for whatever reason; it is not African. A lot of guys do not have simple courtesy for ladies anymore and so, they disrespect ladies generally because they believe all ladies are the same. But the attitude of a lot of us is not helping matters. As a lady you need to have personal values, dignity and self worth. We have culture and tradition where I come from. My take is that ladies should develop a sense of respect, dignity and security,” she stated.