You Can Never Be Rich Collecting Government Salaries……Actor, Taiwo Obileye

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Veteran Nollywood actor, Taiwo Obileye, has revealed that even if he had stayed in government organizations, he would never be rich and would have still been collecting bag of rice as end of year bonus.

The actor who joined the drama department of NTA while working with the Federal Department of Fishery (now National Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research), noted that acting has not brought him the amount of wealth he requires either but has only brought him fame and satisfaction.

According to him, “Only a few actors can say that this profession has brought them fame and fortune. I have not made any fortune from acting but as for fame, I know people recognise me from the different productions that I have been involved in over the years. It makes me feel good that I am recognised particularly from the regular people on the street. I am happier when a bus driver recognises me. Acting has brought me satisfaction and fulfillment and it is good to know that I can deliver on the character I am asked to act.”

Taiwo emphasized that working in government organizations, one is only expected to earn salaries which cannot make someone rich except the person is working for certain organizations like NNPC.

He further added, “I don't think so. I would get my salary but you cannot be rich based on your salary except you are working for certain organisations like NNPC. In NTA, we were getting paid like any normal civil servant and I stayed there until the mandatory retirement having worked for 35 years in the service. I added my years in NTA, Fishery, and also teaching and I retired before I was 60 years old. I would not have been richer because I would just be getting my salary and maybe a bag of rice as bonus at the end of the year. Even if I sold that, it would not fetch me any significant amount of money. That is not to say that I am rich from acting.”