Cancer Surgery Cost in India Goes Low for Benefit of International Patients

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On one hand the expenses for cancer treatment in developed nations like Canada, USA and UK are touching the skies on the other hand the cancer surgery cost in India has been reduced to one tenth as compared to the prices prevailing in western countries. Low treatment cost in India does not mean that the level of healthcare in this country is low. Indian cancer surgery hospitals at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad have developed the best healthcare facilities that make abroad medical tourists to feel themselves at home. The doctors and medical staff in these hospitals are compassionate and take complete care of their international patients.

Cancer surgery is the removal of tumors and surrounding tissues during an operation. A medical professional who holds specialization in curing cancer through surgery is known as a surgical oncologist. Surgery is the oldest form of cancer therapy and it remains an effective solution for many types of cancers. The aims of cancer surgery may vary from patient to patient. It is very often used to remove some fatal tumors after making a diagnosis. Diagnosis helps in knowing the type and location of cancer where it has spread and how it is affecting the general functions of the other organs in the body. In addition to this cancer surgery can be of great help in restoring the appearance and functions of the body along with relieving from side effects.

The location where the patient gets the surgery depends on the extent of recovery needed and the extent of surgery required. Cancer surgery may be performed in a clinic, doctor's office, surgery center or hospital. Outpatient surgery means that you do not require to stay overnight at the hospital before or after the surgery. Inpatient surgery means that you have to stay overnight at the hospital for post surgery recovery reasons after the surgery. Tumor removal is the most primary form of oncology surgery. The most common kind of cancer surgery is the removal of tumor and some of the tissues that surround the tumor. The tissue surrounding the tumor is known as the margin. Tumor removal is the only treatment that can be given in combination with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other forms of treatment.

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