A Buhari- Sambo ticket, Why Not?

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The responsibility of the Vice President is to be ready at a moment's

notice to accept the Presidency if the President is unable to perform his

duties for any objective reason, and Namadi Sambo, certainly can fulfill

this responsibility, having been in his current position since 2010.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has chosen the 71-year-old retired

army general, Muhammadu Buhari, the iron fisted and no-nonsense

disciplinarian, to challenge President Goodluck Jonathan for the

presidency next year.
Buhari, as we know, ran in 2003, 2007, and in 2011 unsuccessfully; now he

wants to kick out President Jonathan, who has been in power since 2010,

along with vice president, Sambo.
Buhari, as we all know, is an honesty-driven man, a fierce fighter of

corruption, and has been known to very quickly silence drug dealers,

punish white collar criminals, chastise compromise-minded media, and

display the fear of God in him on behalf of the people.

Buhari, given his unique personality and style, should go ahead and select

his running mate from an oppositional party, like the People's Democratic

Party (PDP).
Yes , it sounds odd, but under a country like Nigeria, with its unusual

circumstances as it relates to our current state of polity, there is

apparently no constitutional law that would prohibit Buhari, as a

presidential candidate, from selecting a running mate from the opposition,

the PDP or any other party. In practice, of course, it's extremely

unlikely that a PDP-type would consent to run on an APC ticket, or vice

However, should Buhari move boldly and select the current deputy to

Jonathan, he, Sambo, would be seen as a traitor among partisan allies,

especially Jonathan, to the point where he would be forced to switch

party affiliation.
Although the odds are slim to none that Buhari would be willing to invite

vicious ridicule from his political associates, it should be remembered

that to a man like Buhari what matters most is putting the people and

Nigeria first.
It's also possible that some in APC 's rank-and-file would coordinate a

revolt and try to work to subvert the presidential nominee's unusual

Yes, we know that a vice presidential nomination is supposed to be

affirmed by the stakeholders of a party like the APC, but today in our

young democracy, we live in a bitter time and in one of the worst moments

in our nation. As such, let's do the unusual during this extraordinary

A conflict-time coalition between an APC and a PDP against the swelling

problem image of the current ruling party would provide a sigh of relief

to the people who are yearning for a major offensive against the present

powers that be. But silently, are they in fear of the all-powerful PDP

with their super military back up?
We should not be perturbed about Vice-President Namadi Sambo being a

Northerner, a Muslim, and a long standing devotee of PDP. Sambo, an

architect by background, is a silent political heavyweight, who may even

harbor his own presidential ambitions.
As a possible vice president to the aging Buhari, he is well positioned to

be President in the future, if not sooner. Perhaps in private, he may be

experiencing mixed feelings that President Jonathan did not keep his

reported oral promise to leave office in 2015.
As a Governor of Kaduna State, we all remember Sambo's 11-point agenda

that was focused on empowering the youth and women of the community, and

his full attention in addressing the issue of insecurity for his state.

Sambo, by appearance and history, is not too partisan; he is more a man of

the center, and already has the finesse for a vice-presidential

relationship, as he has a very warming face with the public. He is

anti-indiscipline and a serious person when it comes to the people's

Sambo is grounded in a mind of independency. He is all about reality

rather than wide open fantasy. He is a man of character. He is not an

ultra-Muslim, but certainly a man of tolerance.
Sambo, if truth be told, would take off in speed from the PDP, based on

PDP's soiled name locally and globally. But for now, he must continue to

grapple with this type of problem as he is generally deemed to be a

Why would Nigeria not welcome and bring in such a man to a new Nigeria, if

Buhari boldly asked him to join the APC , especially when we know Sambo as

one of the most passionate advocates for the youths, lay people, the

elderly, and a friend of the professional and business world?

By appearance, it is quite easy to see a personal chemistry between Buhari

and Sambo, as it relates to a mindset for a disciplined and healthy

political atmosphere. Above all, Sambo is bathed in confidence,

truthfulness, and selflessness. He is a strikingly different Nigerian

from Jonathan, who reportedly ruminates on a notoriously close

relationship with some questionable political and religious associates.

Like every great story, the opinion here may be an exercise in fantasy,

but if the party elders in the APC really want the best for Nigeria, let

them allow Buhari to secretly reach out to Sambo as a possible vice

presidential candidate and, should both of them agree, the non-ending

embarrassment that the PDP and the APC have created in the eyes of the

people will be lessened, as we will be repositioning Nigeria with two good

men from the so-called oppositional parties.
Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic, Clinical and National

Psychologist and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological

[email protected]
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