As a kid, my father was a no nonsense person. He didn't take any shit from my siblings and I. He was a strict disciplinarian. He tortured us walahi and i can still remember some experiences. Whenever any of us commits a wrong, we started crying. Our cry is not because of what we have done, but because of what is to come. Shebi you no dey hear, na your body go answer.

My father has the blessing of giving birth to children in his old age. So, i have younger siblings who are under 15. Credit must be given to my untiring mother. Before you start thinking how many una be? We are not up to ten. I see my young siblings do a lot of things these days and get away with it. Why? Dad is old and tired and cannot be bothering himself with the excesses of children. As elder ones, we are doing our best. I will be a fool to think that my dad still has the strength he had in his youth.

Now I read a lot of write ups asking whether the age of General Buhari matters. Well, i think it does. GMB is a few days shy of being 72 and you tell me it doesn't matter? How will being 72 affect his performance you may want to ask. Well, will you give a 72 year old man the task of cutting fire wood or running a marathon race? Muhammadu Buhari even embarked on a comprehensive check up to certify him fit before he declared his ambition to contest. Why did he do that? Did the other candidates do same? We thank God for good health and strength but it doesn't derogate from the fact that age is and has caught up him.

As an old man, he is sure to be slow in acting and may even abdicate on his responsibilities to younger people around him. This is why APC must pick a responsible person as vice president. Buhari may be a hero, but all that is in the past. He has today dined with the devil and has entered into a pact with them which may affect his performance. Does of who rooting for him today may end up asking Nigerians to understand with him because he is an old them. I hope we don't get to that point.

President Umaru Yar'Adua had the best of intentions for Nigeria; but he was slowed down by illness. Buhari may have the best of intentions for Nigeria, but, may be slowed down by old age.

Frank Ijege
[email protected]

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