‎Nasarawa 2015: Agabi’s Emergence, The Beginning Of The End Of Al-Makura’s

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

On a serious note let me be frank with the political happenings now in Nasarawa State! I never expected anything good to come out of the Nasarawa State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial primaries and from evidence available to some of us based on the timbers and calibers of the people that contested. But fortunately enough, the Peoples Democratic Party surprised us and presented a young and vibrant Comrade called Alhaji Yusuf Mohmmed Agabi, in fact with Agabi as the flag bearer of the PDP in Nasarawa State the future of an ordinary person in the Street of Nasarawa State is assured.

As someone that had no interest before the gubernatorial primaries commenced in Nasarawa State but as at that time my prayers was that PDP should be wise enough and give us a credible and an alternative to the Government of Umaru Tanko Al-Makura.

However, the recent news of Agabi as the flag bearer of the PDP in Nasarawa State, the youths, students, market men and women and others are happy with the decision of the People Democratic Party.

It is worthy to note that Al-Makura is no more a topic of discussion again in Nasarawa State based on the fact Yusuf Agabi has contributed positively before now to development of Nasarawa State in the area of Youths empowerment, scholarship for the Students and so many other things.

Agabi's possess a better experience to lead or govern Nasarawa State to the promise land based on the his track records in the Federal Civil Service and educational background than capitalist style of Governor Al-Makura.

I have said it before now but let me quickly re-echoed that the people of Nasarawa State massively voted for Al-Makura in 2011 because they wanted to test the other part of change but sadly the change they needed is the most corrupt product in the market, in fact the APC in Nasarawa State are now combining their corruption with professionalism based on the fact that all the Human Rights Organizations in Nasarawa State are all bought, that's one of the reason why they have all gone criminally silence with the anti-people policies of Al-Makura.

For records purpose, I was surprised that immediately after the PDP primaries election, one of the top APC Government official in Nasarawa State called me to support Al-Makura to continue as the Governor beyond 2015 even when he knows I belong to another party and not a APC member. It shocked me but it confirms our fear that the man (Al-Makura) is becoming too desperate about his 2015 ambition.

Therefore, for some of us that are aware of the political struggle of Yusuf Agabi, knows that he will stop at nothing just to recapture the political scene of Nasarawa State to the people who are the real owner of the State, there will be no more religious and ethnic political propaganda or sentiment as being used by the APC in Nasarawa State, the people are more enlightened and are very ready to support the candidature of Alhaji Yusuf Agabi as the next governor of Nasarawa State, it is not more about the party but personality matter most in this context.

Let me say categorically that the youths of Nasarawa State are sick and tired of the government that is built on deception and cannot re-elect Al-Makura to continue with the maltreatment of the market men and women, student and youth leaders among others, we are not unaware of the fact that Al-Makura will stop at nothing to jail some us because one of us (Comrade Yusuf Abubakar Doma) is already in the prison for an offence he knew nothing about it.

Without being sensational I want to say that for PDP to make the youths and students of Nasarawa State to believe more in the project of Agabi, they should as a matter of necessity give us Mr Damishi Luka Barau, the incumbent Deputy Governor as the DEPUTY, in fact in Agabi/Damishi we stand.

On a final note, it is a well-known fact that Agabi has good working relationship with all the Traditional Councils in Nasarawa State, the Emir of Lafia and Chairman Nasarawa State Coucil of Chiefs, Alhaji (Dr) Isa Mustapha Agwai I is just like a father to Alhaji Yusuf Mohammed Agabi (Durbin Lafia), as I write there is no any Alago and Eggon person (the two most populous and educated tribes in Nasarawa State) that will vote for Al-Makura again, with the above analysis if I will be given the opportunity I would have declare Agabi as the next governor of Nasarawa State, surely this is the beginning of the end of Al-Makura led government in Nasarawa State, no doubt!

As the youths prepare to vote to elect the next Governor of Nasarawa State, we should equally have it at the back of our mind that Al-Makura cannot be trusted with power anymore, as such, Alhaji (Dr) Yusuf Mohammed Agabi is the best choice for the students and youths of Nasarawa State, May God protect, give us all wisdom on how to contribute towards the progress of Nasarawa State and guide us in making Agabi the next Governor in order to give us the real dividend of democracy.

This Too Shall Pass, Nothing More, Nothing Less.

[Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, Is the National President, Nasarawa State Youths Network (NASTYNET), Writes From Lafia, @ik_dallah On Twitter, +234 (0) 8035166982 (SMS Only)]

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