We Won’t Support Government That Is Not Beneficial To Students - NANS

By Odeyemi Afis Olawale,

In marking the 2014 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS'S DAY in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria; the national body; Kwara State chapter of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), have condemned in entirety the incessant attack on Nigerian Schools which has continued to shed the blood of innocent Nigerian Students in troubled parts of the country.

Speaking at a press briefing in Ilorin, NANS Vice-President External Affairs, Comrade Ogunkuade Oluwatosin Fredrick (a.k.a. Jasper) has said; “In eschew sentiment and governmental loyalty; we condemn in totality the attack on Nigerian Schools which is targeted at shedding the blood of innocent Nigerian Student, this has led to deaths of hundreds of our students in Potiskun and Mubi among many other troubled states of the federation, including the closure of Nigerian Traders shop in Ghana, Hike in school fees in Nigerian higher institutions and inability of the federal government to retrieve 219 missing Chibok girls since April 2014 among other issues.”

“Nothing changes around you until something changes within you, therefore we must return the credibility of National Association of Nigerian Students to meet the International standard, and our campuses both Home and Diaspora must feel our constructive impact”, he added.

Ogunkuade emphasized further, saying; “As an apostle of Justice in the temple of peace and orderliness, we will re-orientate and reengineer the mentality of the Nigerian students so as to expand their world view and improve Students general welfares at Home and Diaspora.” Stressing that, “The era of gangsterism and hooliganism is gone, this is an era of scientific Aluta with Diplomacy because; we are Reformers, a product of history burning with a passion to make Nigeria great through the Nigerian students.”

Representing the Kwara State Governor, Dr. Abdul Fatah Ahmed, his Special Assistant on Students Matter, Comrade Patrick Adekunle, tasked all Nigerian students to become better ambassadors of their generation, saying: “Let us all as Nigerian students re-strategize and develop our mind by looking into ways we can benefit our society and not how the society can benefit us.” He emphasized the need for cooperation, peace and orderliness amongst the youths.

In his keynote address, a former JCC Chairman in Kwara State, Comrade Akorede Shakir, said; “On the lesson embedded in marking the International Students Day the world over, indication shows that students unionism is an important platform in the development of education in every society, hence, self coordination and orderliness is key to correcting the hills credited to the youths as custodian of the society.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman NANS Kwara, Comrade Abdulrazak Jeje in his speech thanked God the Almighty for the success of the 2nd Edition of her Magazine, "The ACME", saying; “No doubt, NANS Kwara known as the apex ruling body of all students' structure in Kwara state, has become a viral students ruling body for many decades. Thus, the Association has taken upon itself rigorous responsibility of ensuring the uncompromised students welfare, effective representation at various levels and championing of innovations capable of advancing students academic capabilities.”

-Odeyemi Afis Olawale, 300L History-Education, Unilorin