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There's more to a good movie than most people think. Why? Judgment comes down to personal taste.
However, there are a few movies that almost everyone can agree are good movies. To find out what the core of a good movie is, let's look over a few.

There are certain components that we should look at. These are the same things we'd look for in a
written work of fiction. A good movie will have, not just interesting but, endearing characters.

Characters that, while watching the film, will make us empathize and care about what happens to them throughout their cinematic journey. Not only endearing but deplorable characters as well.

Characters we WANT something bad to happen to. It allows the audience to converse about their views on who were the good guys and who were the villains. And that, characters from Shattered Romance gained nomination. Thus: Best supporting actress, discovery of the year and favorite Ghanaian actress category.

Next is direction, the actor turned director did a great job with Shattered Romance. He succeeded in bringing out what he wanted to appear on screen by making every character and technical staff be on point of their action thereby a nomination in the Best Director category.

Screenplay is the words to be spoken in a film, and instructions about what will be seen in it. Some call it the dialogs. The construction of sentences is superb in Shattered Romance. We had the opportunity to see the movie hence we aren't surprise to see a nomination in the Best Screenplay category.

The last but not the least is Picture. Shattered Romance was shot with a Black Magic camera. The colour separation and treatment pass for international standard. Picture is the same as film therefore every good movie must have a picture nomination. Kudos to all the crew!

if u judge people u will have no time to love them.
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