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Oyo APC Primaries: 9ice Petitions Party

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Please Nigerian ladies all the name of entertainment, she revealing dress be worn just to show that you have arrived? Though, this is the modern day and not the old era, to a large extent, there should be some moral decency in dressing knowing that Nigerians are well behaved people.

Each and every individual in the country prays for good development in all spheres and with the vast growth in the Nigerian entertainment industry, it is a good development to the country as it has helped create a survival avenue for the youths and also added value to the country among its peers.

The disheartening part of the entertainment industry is the dress senses of the female celebrities especially. They wear all sorts of designs all in the name of fashion where their bodies are being exposed to the world.

No hating here, but people are tired of seeing all the pop-up menu of their physical features. The highest expectations from fans of these celebrities are good musical delivery/performance and not revealing of their bodies.

Men, how would comfortable can this be when one steps out with his woman dressed this way to an event no matter the type of event and disclose to people that you are a Nigerian?