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By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

That the Rivers State AC Chapter inculcates prayer and fasting as a major agenda in its weekly activities is no longer news. Every Monday, the Dr Edith Wele led Women's group turns the residence of the Rivers State AC Leader, Prince Tonye Princewill into a meeting ground for prayer sessions. The peculiar and interesting thing about this exercise is that it brings Christian and Muslim women together singing and praying in one accord.

The prayer activities were further intensified in the past week following directives from the leader Prince Tonye Princewill, that a six day prayer and fasting exercise be declared by all party faithful for the speedy recovery of President Yar'Adua. Going by the events of this Monday (30th November, 2009) with the special attendance of Prophetess Julie Orobosa Itua of Divine Grace Deliverance & Healing Ministry from Lagos and with Evangelist Henrietta Chioma Eze of Compassionate Ministries from Adamawa State interceding from Jerusalem one can't help but believe that The Lord has truly intervened in the health woes of the President. At the end of the session, Dr Wele Leader of the Group, was emphatic in her belief that the major prayer point bordering on the health of President Musa Yar'Adua had been answered and it is only a matter of days for the President to return home hale and hearty contrary to the feelings in some quarters that he will not make it.

For those of us in the Rivers State AC, believing the issue of Mr President's health has been divinely settled, reiterate that the major issue at stake now, is the question of his ability to effectively govern and handle the affairs of the Nation when he returns, given that it is expected that he takes enough time to recuperate to regain his strength and health

What we find hard to understand is why political jobbers in the PDP, would continue to put Mr President's health on the line, those who due to their self serving agenda to perpetuate themselves in power would continue to insist that he handles the exigencies of office when clearly he needs to be taking things in his stead till fully recovered.

We also maintain that those PDP Chieftains who are stating that they lack competent Presidential material in the party except President Yar'Adua, give up the idea forthwith and allow reputable candidates and serious political parties with pro people programs that will be geared towards bailing this country from its current predicament, take over the reins of governance come 2011.

This notwithstanding, the PDP should not attempt to pull the Nation's polity back into the abyss by either remotely trying to force Dr. GoodLuck Jonathan to resign or letting any harm befall him as the consequences may be dire for the nation, the Constitution of Nigeria should be allowed to run its full course should anything contrary to our stand happen or the President gets incapacitated along the way. Dr. Goodluck the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria though elected in an obvious flawed election must be allowed to excise the presidential powers in line with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as any attempt to undermine him because of him coming from the South will not be tolerated as this country belongs to all of us. The PDP Government at the centre has terminal date of 2011 for governance in Nigeria and should be ready to hand over to a duly elected Government by the people of Nigeria by the year 2011 as their rigging machine of INEC and other agencies will be totally crippled before then.

In this regard, we wish to ask Atiku Abubakar -who seems to be serious minded out of the lot presenting themselves for leadership in this country- that based on his pedigree, antecedents and blueprint on how he intends to govern Nigeria, should intensify efforts to enlighten Nigerians on his agenda and programs crafted to save us from the predicament we currently find ourselves in.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
Publicity Secretary, Rivers State AC

Development / Accra / Ghana / Africa /

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