By Muhammed Fodio Ahmed

LETTER TO THE CHIEF SERVANT OF NIGER STATE, DR. MUA'ZU BABANGIDA ALIYU CON, (TALBAN MINNA) The Knowledge Fountain of Minna and (OMELUOHA 1) Helper of the masses among other regalia

Your Excellency the Chief Servant Sir,

General Abdusalami Abubakar's choice to give up his opportunity to continue ruling Nigeria with decrees and selfish interest should not and cannot be abused. His affectionate, voluntary exit which brought about civilian rule in 1999 was to fast track growth and development which can best be attained through change, and change is said to be constant, in or against our wish. Democracy in a lay mans' tongue can be best described as a government owned by the virtue of the majority people, even though Nigerians, are yet to start benefiting from the true meaning of democracy, a democracy defined by Abraham Lincoln as “the government of the people, for the people and by the people”, a democracy that the people remain significant before and after election. I will excuse the Nigerian Democracy because it is still regarded a 'Nascent Democracy'.

Chief Servant Sir, as a Servant Leader that you are portrayed, I am certain that the Unity and Integration of Niger State and her habitant are your topmost precedence. Sir, this letter wouldn't have been borne if it weren't for the fact that, i Fodio Mai Gemu is a concern citizen of the Niger North Senatorial District, a district that has produced Notable Persons that have not only see to the development of Niger state, North Central, Northern Region but the Nation and Africa at large. Politics according to Boaz, is a science and when one looks at the word Science, it can be best said as a set of rules and methods for investigating reality logically and systematically, Praxis of Political Concepts and Cliches in Nigeria's Fourth Republic, Page 2, a collection of essays in your honour.

The said senatorial district is deeply fractured with reference to the critical issue of who becomes the Governor from that Zone. No doubt, you said during the 4th MBA Colloquium that “Leadership should be about the aspirations of the people and for the elections, I am going to give every aspirant equal playing ground comes 2015”. Chief Servant Sir, you further said that “PDP Success depends on the consultations of stakeholders”, by going with the above statement and with Succession trends presently, I humbly think we have a contradiction, but then, I wish to also quote you “As the Governor, I must be interested in who takes over from me” agreed sir, I support you 100%. What is not acceptable to me personally is the self-styled 'PARLOUR ANOINTMENT'. It is clear, when you got your interested candidate, it would have been easy, if you had invited the Zone's Traditional Institution, Elders, Major Stakeholders et all because they are the continuum of our communal existence as Niger North, in order to deliberate to convince them of why you think your interest should super ride that of the Zone's.

Chief Servant Sir, the truth wears no mask and i have a candidate I support and pray he becomes the next governor of Niger State, that candidate is Engr. Mustafa Bello FNSE, a former Minister and founding member of the Peoples' Democratic Party, PDP, in 1998, but if at all he was the one that got any sort of 'PARLOUR ANOINTMENT' against the Zone's interest, I will surely go against such an anointment. So, my point is, no one is against or wishes political ill to your anointed candidate, Alhaji Umar Nasko, what I am against is simply the process, he emerges, which is what majority of the Zone are against.

Chief Servant Sir, I, to an extent do share your fears and worries, regarding the person that takes over from you. No, political enthusiast can deny the major problem faced by the legacies of an administration when a new government takes over, that is the 'PROBLEM OF CONTINUITY'. So, it is clear that you just want to make sure who takes over from you is willing to sustain your legacies. But despite that vision you have on 'CONTINUITY', you still cannot force the Zone to key into your vision, if I can recall vividly my encounter with the former president of Mozambique, Sir. Jaoquim Alberto Chissano on 12th of November, 2014 at the Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi International Conference Centre, Minna, during his paper presentation 'Leadership and National Development', the humble leader said and I quote, “A leader must be visionary, but the vision of the leader cannot be imposed on the people, especially when the people are not ready to understand”. Sir, you were also present at that occasion, Alhaji Umar Nasko is also present, and other political heavy weights including the Deputy Chief Servant who is also aspiring to succeed you. My Dear Chief Servant, it seems the said words of Sir. Alberto is exactly what is happening in Niger North, it is becoming clearer that, the senatorial district is not even in day dream vying into your vision, as one can best describe those words as, 'Alhamdulillah, he said it at the right time, as if he knows what is happening', and of cause no one can point a finger to the former president as someone who has interest on who becomes the next governor, that is if at all, he is aware of Niger North's existence and the Governorship Zoning of the State.

Niger North is in a state of abject trauma and dilemmatic situation that begs for more than just allowing a free and fair process of who emerges as the governor but also wants the Chief Servant to be that Servant Leader he is. Imposing a candidate by the Chief Servant can actualize the rumors that “the only reason the Chief Servant wants to install his preferred candidate is because he wants to cover his mistakes” and Like a law maker in the Niger State House of Assembly would say, “Politicians that have failed their people through the misuse of power are always scared of the unknown fates that will befall them after they must have left office, so they will want to select a successor to cover their mess”, which I don't believe, because the Chief Servant has pledged to make a difference in Niger State, and I am sure he will prove the rumor mongers very wrong.

Conclusively Sir, my Zone's interest represents my pride and my aspirations as a young journalist and blood seed of Late Umaru Nagwamatse, and I believe that Niger North Senatorial District is bigger than the interest of any individual either from within or outside her womb.

Juma'at Mubaraq the AGBAYEWA OF THE SOURCE (Elder with Wisdom)

This comes with my esteemed highest regard, Your Excellency the Chief Servant.

Yours Sincerely,

Muhammed Fodio Ahmed
Controversial Mai Gemu