2015: SSS Accuses APC Of Cloning Voters Card

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The Department of State Security, DSS, has accused the All progressive

Congress, APC, of cloning Permanent Voters Card, PVC, with the intent to

rig the 2015 general elections.
In a statement clarifying the invasion of the APC Data Center, the DSS

otherwise called SSS, said a petition was received about an unholy

activities in a building located at No. 10, Bola Ajibola Street, Allen

Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.
“The petition alleged that those behind the activities were cloning INEC

Permanent Voters Card with the intention of hacking into INEC data base,

corrupting it and replacing them with their own data.

“Based on this information, the service placed the building under

surveillance and having been convinced that some unwholesome activities

were going on in the building, it undertook a raid of the premises.

“In the process, some persons were arrested, while a server, three hard

drives and 31 Ghana must go bags of hard copy documents were recovered and

taken away for further investigation,” Ms. Ogar said.

Meanwhile, Spokesperson for the Lagos APC, Chief Joe Igbokwe has announced

the release of 25 out of the 28 persons arrested by the DSS.

Igbokwe in a statement said while it is still unclear why three persons

are still being held, he said those arrested were carrying out legitimate

He gave the names of those still with the DSS as: Chinedu Atuche, Data

Supervisor, Fayemi Olaposi, Data Supervisor and Chika, IT Supervisor.

His Statement reads:
Lagos APC wants to inform Nigerians that out of 28 workers at APC Data

Centre Lagos arrested by DSS, Police and the Army by 5:30 am on Saturday

morning of Nov 22nd 2014 , 25 of them have been released by 9:30 pm

yesterday. Three of them are still in the custody namely:

1. Chinedu Atuche- Data Supervisor
2 . Fayemi Olaposi- Data Supervisor
3. Chika- IT Supervisor
“We are at a loss why these three are still being held. They have

committed no offense and they are carrying out a legitimate duty. We hope

they are not being held and tortured to to provide them with the the

security password of the Data Centre . We want these workers to be

released unconditionally without any further delay”

” We insist that what happened yesterday is bizarre, crude and

unacceptable and it remains the worst form of political rascality and

irresponsibility ever recorded in Nigeria since 1999. The damage done to

the Data Centre and the violation of the fundamental human rights of the

workers tells a big story of what to expect in the days ahead. The ruling

Party is getting desperate and if they are not called to order things can

get worse”
Joe Igbokwe
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