Nollywood Professionals are Bad…..Actor, Olaiya Igwe Accuses

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor, Ebun Oloyede aka Olaiya Igwe, is not happy with some of his colleague's professionalism in the make-belief world as he accuses them of not producing quality movies of international standards.

The actor cum producer, stated that the Nigeria film industry is doing great but the professionals and practitioners are bad, because they are not doing things the way they should be done.

According to him in an interview with Tribune newspaper, “We don't produce movies the way they are being done in the western world and that is why the industry is retrogressing. They need to sanitise the industry. In my own sector, I believe that one of the things affecting us in the industry is that the films being released are too many. Also, piracy is killing us and we need to stand up quickly to do something to reduce or eradicate it totally.”

Igwe as he is fondly called, who recently produced a movie entitled 'The Mystery of Unity' but in Yoruba and English, denied the rumours associated with him of owing his movie cast. He attested that he is actually owing debts, but were the people in-charge of the post production not the movie cast.