Prof. Iwu should leave Anambra alone

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Sir, Professor Maurice Iwu's name continue to recur as a known decimal in Anambra, a state devastated by the regime of Obasanjo who finally announced that he was bequeathing the State to his domestic aide, Dr. Andy Uba, before living office.

Professor Maurice Iwu's INEC it was that created the false result that brought in Dr. Chris Ngige in the first instance. Though Ngige was a good governor, the result that ushered him on seat was fraught with bad stench and served by Iwu's INEC. When Ngige could not dance to the tune of the godfather, Chris Uba (brother to Andy Uba), he was kidnapped by a Police contingent sent with the knowledge of President Obasanjo. He was later released. Nevertheless, Governor Obi was eventually sworn in through the Court decision on the election, against INEC declaration.

Professor Iwu was at it again and conducted the fraudulent election that ushered in Andy Uba as governor of Anambra State so as to satisfy his mentor (Andy Uba) and master (President Obasanjo). Andy Uba it was alleged was instrumental to the appointment of Professor Maurice Iwu as INEC boss. Again the Court refused the illegality committed by Iwu to stand; Peter Obi was called back to duty. Throughout the Andy Uba foray with the courts, Professor Iwu remained an unseen supporter. Again now, it is being alleged that a personal relationship has been established between the Anambra PPA governorship candidate, Mrs. Uche Ekwuneife, and Professor Maurice Iwu.

The information alleges that the woman flag-bearer is seen in and out of Iwu's office and (his) other places with ease, indicating where it is believed the INEC support would go. People are alleging that with Uche's antecedents as recorded with Mbadinuju; she is a woman that knows how to go about achieving what she sets out for. In all, I join the voices that are asking that the nation either unbundles the INEC before the Anambra 2010 gubernatorial election or sack Iwu now. Prof Iwu should be advised to leave Anambra alone for peace to reign.

Bejamin Maduka

3 Alheri Street


[email protected]

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