I Can Never Have a Relationship with Phyno……Singer, Rita Edmond

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Rumour sometimes could be good and sometimes bad which is why people try to stay away from scandals as much as they can but it is most common with the Nigerian celebrities who sometimes don't watch the environment where they live.

Some time ago, reports went viral that up and coming Nigerian singer, Rita Edmond, was pregnant for light skin singer, Phyno and it was accompanied with a picture of her and the singer to show how they were romantically linked but that was a bad rumour according to her.

In a recent interview with Sun newspaper, the singer who has released three singles to her effort, explained that she cried when she heard of the saga because it was something that could have had a bad image to her career as a young lady.

She denied ever having any relationship with the rapper, stating that she does not intend to go into a romantic relationship with him despite the fact that she has a crush on him because of his music.

When asked if she would accept any relationship proposal from Phyno if he approaches her, the singer laughed, saying she awaits his coming. “Let him come and ask me out then we will find out”

She revealed that though the rumour affected her as a female, but it opened doors of opportunities for her as she now gets preferential treatment where ¬ever she goes because people keep asking her if she is the rapper's girlfriend.