Eviction Fever Grips All BBA Housemates

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

According to an author, keith Harrell, in one of his inspirational books, he said 'Attitude is Everything,' and this leads to the question, how does a person package himself wherever he/she finds herself? Sometimes it is the way some people go about with dressing, walking and other things, that makes them get unpleasant attentions, but it's all good.

Though in Nigeria, same sex marriages has not been legalized and this made the government to make a law prohibiting such act which leads to 14years imprisonment.

With such laws, some people are still practicing the act underground, while some have been caught and some are still planning the act. Whichever way, the latest victim of male seduction is Nollywood's fine boy, Nonso Odiobi.

The actor got a seduction message from a fan who told him that he admires him (Nonso) and finds him attractive. The actor wasted no time in sharing his latest nightmare on his social media to create awareness of what is about to befall him.