By Adeola Ikuomola

Behold, Nigeria is working
Like beauties in the eyes of born-beholders
Smile, Nigeria is working
Like the brightest midnight-born moonlight

Support, Nigeria is working
Like the carefully lubricated milling machines
Laugh, Nigeria is working
Like the sharpest sunrays peeling off shadows

Celebrate, Nigeria is working
Like thunders desecrating the darkest clouds
Embrace, Nigeria is working
Like a rainbow enumerating the weeping skies

Advance, Nigeria is working
With basketful domestic products gracing granaries
Indeed, Nigeria is working
With fresh judicatures constitutionally established

Proclaim, Nigeria is working
Peaceful electorates decide at the ballot boxes
Confirmed, Nigeria is working
The armed forces gun-salute democratic values

Peoples Democratic Party is working
With their publicly demonstrated performances
The transformation agenda is working
Like refreshing honeys packaged by worker bees

Let keen stars organise warm organs for nights
Let radiant moonlight beat the lightsome drum
Let sharp sun blaze with the penetrating x-rays
Let ripe Nigerians celebrate President Jonathan
Nigeria is working upon the quickening diadem

Let swift eagles zoom through the darkest skies
Let heavy lions weigh upon the thickest forests
Let wild whales widen their ways in wet wailers
Let total Nigerians vote in our worthy President
Nigeria is working upon generational gold mines
By Adeola Ikuomola/+234-8031373303