Sexy Actress, Lillian Esoro Heads To London For Wedding Preparations

Source: Bamidele Adeyemi/

Can anyone please kindly tell me what is wrong with this picture? In case you don't know people in there, the lady's name is Beatrice Taiwo and the dude standing beside her is a musician popularly known as Blakky. To me, I am sensing poles apart meaning to what went wrong in this picture, in my own view as I would like you to permit me open your mind a bit. Don't you think it seems like Blakky is forcing himself to façade with Beatrice while the tall charming lady is trying to have a good red carpet shot? Another area my mind pick point as a red carpet official is; the tall and short appearance in the picture, the different is too clear, it makes the picture unhinge. However, this is an advice for Mr. Blakky, for you not to look like this in our picture again, it is better to allow a lady to be in charge when it comes to red carpet pictures, free her, let her hunt for you for a quick shot, and the image shall appears well.