Ferguson and Egbo: 60 Legacies that make these two duos to be exceptional

Good politicians or leaders are not hard to know in Isokoland and a popular saying that by their fruits we shall know them. Over two weeks now, all the Isoko social media have been projecting Hon. Evans Egbo Oghoho, the former PDP chairmanship aspirant and Council leader to Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan for political appointment especially the sports portfolio.Hon.Evans Egbo ,the Oleh-born politician has directly or indirectly affected grassroots politics at all levels. It was the same projection that made Sir.Hon Malik Ikpokpo and Comrade Emmanuel Egbabor to emerge as the two Isoko council chairmen today even when the notorious cabals wanted to install their godsons into power by all means. Politics of Isoko nation has graduated from just nomination to social media screening before elections.Hon.Evans Egbo is worthy to be appointed as a commissioner in Delta State. He has diligently served his people well.

Again, Hon.Ferguson Ajirioghene Onwo,the Olomoro-born politician who was the former Chairman of Isoko South LGA and former NDDC special adviser is worthy to be voted for in Isoko South Constituency 2 in 2015 under the platform of the PDP.Even though some greedy elements want to re-contest for 2015 to thwart the political ambition of Hon. Ferguson Onwo,the social media screening has directly endorsed him for the position. One thing about Hon. Ferguson Onwo is that, he has not been elected but he has executed projects in Isoko than these so-called representatives in the Delta State House of Assembly over the years. The dice is cast that if Hon. Evans Egbo is not given any political portfolio, then PDP in Isoko South Constituency 1 should be ready to coast their victory to the opposition party while Isoko South Constituency 2 should likewise do the same to Hon. Ferguson Onwo.Both leaders are called to lead Isoko people to the Promised Land and Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State and other PDP stakeholders should take note. Only political vibration is needed to access credible leaders in position of authority in Isoko not PDP cabals. The Voice of the social media is the voices of God in Isoko.There are 60 legacies of Hon. Evans Egbo and Hon. Ferguson Onwo in Isoko

1. Both Hon. Evans Egbo and Hon. Ferguson Onwo are grassroots politicians.

2. Both Hon.Ferguson Onwo and Hon.Evans Egbo are humble politicians.

3. Both Hon.Evans Egbo and Hon.Ferguson Onwo are gifted politicians to the core.

4. They are from modest backgrounds
5. They started politics from their tender ages of life.

6. Hon. Evans Egbo was a former Isoko South councillor and House Leader while Hon. Ferguson Onwo was a former Isoko South Chairman and Special Adviser on NDDC.

7. Hon. Ferguson Onwo is qualified for PDP Isoko South Constituency 2 ticket.

8. Hon. Evans Egbo is qualified for Sports Commissioner in Delta State.

9. Both are great philanthropists of Isoko nation.

10. Hon. Evans Egbo is a leader with credibility while Hon. Ferguson Onwo is not left out.

11. Both politicians have large followers in Isoko

12. Both politicians are popular in their constituencies.

13. They are friends of active social media.
14. Hon. Ferguson Onowo is a leader par excellence while Hon. Evans Egbo is not left out.

15. Both reply text messages and pick calls of their supporters unlike some arrogant politicians that see themselves as gods and nothing more.

16. They are not political deceivers.
17. They do not run people down to get to the top of their political careers.

18. They have massive supporters campaigning on their behalves.

19. They are staunch members of the PDP.
20. They work hard to get their money.
21. They don't see politics as do or die affairs in Isoko.

22. Both politicians are trustworthy.
23. They are the dream changers of Isoko South Constituency 1 and Isoko South Constituency2.

24. Both carry their supporters along
25. Both are blessed with political astuteness.
26. Both are seasoned political administrators.
27. They know the worth of Education in Nigeria.
28. Both have rich political profiles in Isokoland.

29. They obey party leaders and elders.
30. They both have community leadership drive.
31. Hon. Evans Egbo is a job creator while Hon. Ferguson Onwo is not left out.

32. Both are leaders of thought
33. Hon. Evans Egbo is from Oleh community while Hon. Ferguson Onwo is from Olomoro community.

34. Hon. Evans Egbo is a democrat while Hon. Ferguson is not left out

35. They are the choice of the people.
36. They don't belong to the school of political liars in Isoko.

37. They don't promise what they cannot offer the people.

38. Both politicians will make good leadership in Delta State.

39. Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State should see these duos as shinning stars of Isoko politics.

40. They don't contest for money but for the people.

41. God has richly blessed them before contesting for higher political offices in Isoko.

42. They have one way or the other support one social function in Isoko.

43. They are free from political criticisms in Isokoland.

44. Both are award winners of different categories in Nigeria.

45. Both politicians are creative to the core.
46. They both appear on the Mindset Media Hall of Fame Calendar for 2014.

47. Both politicians are interested on creating Skills acquisitions for Isoko youths.

48. Both are destined to lead Isoko nation.
49. They understand the power of grassroots media.

50. Both politicians are national champions' not local ones.

51. Both politicians are Christians.
52. They are violent-free politicians.
53. They are the mirrors of Isoko youths
54. They have the keys of transformational agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan in Isoko.

55. They don't run elitist politics in Isoko.
56. Both have support the growth of some notable politicians in Isoko.

57. Both have better programmes for Isoko nation.
58. Both are card carriers of the PDP.
59. Both are called to serve
60. Hon. Evans Egbo formerly runs for Isoko South Chairmanship position while Hon. Ferguson Onwo is presently running for Delta State House of Assembly ticket under Isoko South constituency 2 waiting for Party leaders to decide on his fate while the former has given his total support to Sir.Hon Malik Ikpokpo,the present Isoko South LGA Chairman.

By Godday Odidi 08058124798 Lagos Public Affairs Analyst.

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