By Ewere Eseosa

The road to transformation, meaningful and sustainable development which conspicuously satisfies the yearnings of a greater number of a people is long, rough and tough; in most cases, it requires more than one man to shoulder such a massive project; more often than not, the threshold of transformation can be one man's vision, which may then require the collective sagacity, courage, determination, solidarity and unanimity of a people to bring to manifestation the developmental visionary of one man.

For Nelson Mandela and Black South Africans faced stricto sensu with segregation, brutality and oppressive-destructive treatment by the White majority many years down, it was a long walk to freedom thereafter; it is not unknown that our LG is faced with severe under-development, under-representation and near disoriented people-public who have deliberately disengaged themselves from developmental activities designed to herald some soccour to the LG, this is not unconnected with the seeming weak and unsound developmental disposition of our political representatives mandated by their own people to forge a better deal.

The deliberate and systemic lackadaisicality of political actors, national, state and local administrators to properly ventilate the ideals and characteristics of good governance to a people-public is an immoral objective even in the most advanced and flexible government system such as democracy.

Democratic government system digs deep to bring to the front burner societal needs as put together to create an enabling environment for public survival - meaningful and sustainable employment, social services for the unemployed, robust economic system, viable educational system, programmes and policies, security of life and property, justiceable utilization of public funds/tax payers money, friendly and industrial environment for business growth, comfortable transport system, standardized health-care system etc, these are the ingredients of transformation and civilized society.

It takes a government man with a kind of heart to push for the actualization of these fortunes, courage, will-power, good-spiritedness, strong-visionary leadership is required of this man; Ikpoba-Okha people are set for a new deal when a grass-rooted, development-driven, good-spirited legislators of Comrade Aiyamenkhue Collins Edokpolo's class takes oath of office come May 29th 2015, to turn around the systemic under-representation, which has led to severe under-development, that has bedeviled our LGA for donkey years.

If we must grow, we must make the right choice, if we must make the right choice, we must look inward, if we must look inward, we must beam the searchlight on the right individuals. Nominate wisely.

Remember, Oya ya sinmwin evbuomwa (uncommon courage is required to liberate your community).

God bless Ikpoba-Okha.

Oba gha t'kpere, Ise.