LED Lighting Up to 50% Energy Savings

PRECISE LIGHTING Nigeria Ltd is a company registered under the Nigeria Company and Allied Matters Act 1990 with RC#1001592. We are a lighting company established to serve and capture potential market in Nigeria. Despite of a number of competitors, the company has proven, through its track record that, it can compete and surpass other lighting companies by providing affordable and high quality light products including LED lights.

We supply innovative products which shape today's lighting industry. Understanding our client needs (both Residential and Commercial) enables us to supply and install products that benefit them in time.

PRECISE LIGHTING specialises in lighting, which cuts across indoor and outdoor lighting and is fast growing to become a one-stop shop for all types of electrical and lighting products. Some of our products range from, our indoor lights collection which includes,

• Commercial/Office Lights

• Pendant lamps

• Wall lamps

• Ceiling lights

• Spot lights

• Recessed lights

• Floor lamps

• Table lamps

• Bathroom lights

• Chandeliers

In addition to our indoor collection we have an excellent collection of outdoor lighting to choose from including,

• Outdoor wall lights

• Floor light

• LED indoor/outdoor lighting

• Security lighting

• Spot lights

• Bollards

• Lanterns for both Residential/Commercial clients.

Our Mission is to be the leading lighting company in Nigeria giving nothing but the best quality lighing products at Economical Prices. Bringing a portfolio of quality product that anticipates and satisfies desire and needs. Our satisfaction comes only when we know that the customers we have are satisfied with the products they get from us.

We aim to be the Leading Provider of Innovative, High quality lighting products to both residential and commercial users. We deliver consistently superior value to our customers. This commitment permeates everything we do, driving us to continuously improve our product supply and to fulfill the need for quality lighting solutions.

We Value you not only as a potential customer, but more importantly as a future partner. This is the main reason why we will be sharing with you our keys to success in the hope that you will be able to appreciate how much we value all our potential partners. Our lighting products aim to help you and your business succeed though low cost energy consumption and better business signage.

v. World class Quality products

v. Affordability

v. Good service

v. Easy transaction

What do we have to offer you?

LED lighting technology is the most important change the industry has seen since the invention of the electric light bulb. Precise Lighting LED panel lights provide high performance direct replacements for traditional, less efficient lights. Our LEDs offer substantial savings on energy consumption and provide a superior light for any environment.

The Precise Lighting Panel Series features the latest edge lit LED technology. The panels are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, and are designed to fit directly into existing standard suspended ceilings and recesses, or can be surface mounted to ceilings and walls. These panels are ideal for LED office lighting and for meeting rooms and corridors.


LED lighting systems today offer a considerable number of advantages over conventional systems, especially when it comes to white indoor lighting applications. Despite being a relatively new technology, LED lighting sources already equal and, in many cases, surpass conventional lighting sources. So whether you are looking for increased efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness or environmental friendliness, you will find the answer in our LED white lighting solutions.

Efficient and easy to use

LED lighting can be five times more efficient than incandescent and halogen sources and are comparable in efficacy to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). LED sources continue to improve and are quickly gaining to match and exceed the energy efficiency of fluorescent tubes.

LED lighting fixtures are directional, throwing light only where it is needed, with a smaller light source than CFLs, allowing more efficient optics and better control of light.

Well-designed LED lighting systems offer ease and flexibility of installation – no ballast, fewer power supplies, low-profile fixture housings and conventional wiring. Features such as current limiting and mis-wiring protection, power factor correction, and conduit-ready connections increase energy efficiency and more importantly – ease of installation, making LED fixtures the ideal solution for office spaces.

LED lighting fixtures are instant-on, meaning no warm-up time is required and that they are unaffected by power cycling and dimming, allowing maximum comfort for all office users.


LEDs do not emit infrared radiation or harmful UV rays meaning they can be installed near people and materials, and in tight spaces where conventional sources could be dangerous.

LED fixtures do generate heat. The beam of light from an LED fixture is actually cool. LED fixtures with well-designed thermal management features, manufactured by reputable companies and brands, can effectively shield users from excessive or harmful heat.

Energy Efficiency

Up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent lights, significantly reducing running costs. RoHS, CE and BS EN 62471 compliant.

Easy Installation

Installation and replacement that takes minutes make our Panels easy to introduce to your workplace.

Eco Friendly

LED lights reduce your carbon foot print and are free of toxic elements. Fluorescents contain toxic mercury and require disposal with a registered waste carrier.

35,000 Hour Lifespan

With a 35,000 hour lifespan PRECISE LIGHTING Panels lasts longer than fluorescent lights thereby significantly reducing replacement costs.

12 Month Warranty
All our products carry a full 12 month warranty

Our LED -panels are direct replacements for ceiling fluorescents.

PRECISE LIGHTING panel series features the latest edge lit LED technology. All our LED panels are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, and are designed to fit directly into existing standard suspended ceilings and recesses, or can be surface mounted to ceilings and walls. Our LED panel lighting solutions are ideal for offices, meeting rooms, corridors and classrooms.

• Exceptional energy saving

• Zero maintenance

• Easy replacement/installation

• Last for up to 35,000 hours (lifespan)

• High efficiency lighting

• 12 Months Warranty

• Emergency & Dimmable versions available

• Easy to clean surface

• Increased brightness and light spread requiring fewer lighting units

• Ideal for retail and display environments with no UV degradation, to keep
products looking their best

• Stylish look

• Exceptionally thin and lightweight structure

• Idea for office & commercial use

• IP20 rating

Product Code: PRECISE1
Lumens: 2700
Watts: 40-60
Colors: Cool White, Day White

Dimensions: 595mm x 595mm x 14mm

Product Code: PRECISE2
Lumens: 5400
Watts: 40-60
Colors: Cool White, Day White

Dimensions: 1195mm x 595mm x 14mm


Product Code: PRECISE3
Lumens: 3700
Watts: 40-60
Colors: Cool White, Day White

Dimensions: 1195mm x 295mm x 14mm


Product Code: PRECISE4
Lumens: 2500
Watts: 30-40
Colors: Cool White, Day White
Dimensions: 595mm x 295mm x 14mm

Product Code: PRECISE5

We offer suspension kits and mounting frames so that our panel lights can be fitted to majority of ceiling structures. Lumens vary according to color choice.


We are able to provide to you the right combination of energy efficient lamp, Ballast, fixtures including LED to increase your savings.

There are a lot of companies that offering LED products, but we stand out because of the following reasons:

o We offer great rates and can offer extended 15% discount based on minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces. Smaller quantities will be re-estimated.

o We also help to source whatever product you may need for your ongoing project, saving you the stress and cost of ordering from several different sources which could affect delivery time slowing the progress of Completion.

o We give a 12 month warranty for all our products.

o We are willing to have an onsite storage facility at your site to enable synchronisation and Just in Time delivery of lighting/Electrical fittings to the technicians doing the installations, this is to enable the technicians to have access to spares and replacements, reduce down time in case they need our technical support.

o We offer safe and timely delivery. Time is money and we value your time. We offer FREE delivery anywhere within Lagos, Nigeria.

o You can expect the products within 60 days from date of order (required minimum deposit payment upfront of 50%).

o We accept several payment methods. Bank Transfer, Banker's Draft, and Cheque (all cheque payment must clear before delivery).

o We have the best deals for you and cannot wait to become your partner in making your business grow bigger and better through our lighting products.

Our effective and friendly Sales and Customer Service Team are pleased to act as your own personal shopper to enhance your shopping experience and also help you select the right product prior to processing your order. Every order no matter how big or small is valuable to us. Please if we may be at any assistance to you and your lighting enquires we would be happy to hear from you.


You can always contact us for any queries in these address, number and e-mail:


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