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‘Green... is my number’

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IN an attempt to curb scourge of rape in Nigeria, Esther Ijewere began the Walk Against Rape (WAR). The graduate of Sociology from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, who also has a diploma in Marketing and Computer programming from the same institution, attended Acada Nursery and Primary School, Ikotun and St. Saviours High School, Ijegun, for her primary and secondary education. The Esan, Edo State lady was born on April 14 in the early 80s. She tells DAMILOLA ADEKOYA what fashion means to her.

Definition of fashion:
It means looking good, especially when everything is in the right place.

Style of dressing:
I'm a simple and casual person, however, because of the project I'm involved in, I make conscious effort to mind the way I dress. I just go on a shirt or a round neck blouse with inscriptions on it; the positive ones, I mean, with a pair of jeans.

Uniqueness of style:
I have brown eyes and most times, I try to blend the colour of my hair with my eyes.

Favourite colour:
I'm a green person. I love it because I connect with the colour any day, anytime; even spiritually. When I'm wearing a green colour, I'm always very confident. Even when I'm depressed, if I set eyes on green, I'm always relieved.

Favourite designer(s):
I love Cholle. Their brands are unique.

Stylish icon(s):
Kate Henshaw. She's my mentor. Her dressing speaks at all times.

Most cherished possession:
Oh! My lip-gloss. I'm an addict; you can't just meet me without it. My bible also, I cherish it so much.

Most expensive item:
That would be an Annie Michelle shoe I just bought. I'm not bothered about the price; I just love it.

It's plantain.

Turn on:
When I'm in the midst of happy people, then I have no choice other than to be turned on. When I also meet sincere and friendly people, I get turned on.

Turn off:
Hypocrites! People who say they are something and I later find out that they are not; I can't stand them. I call them wanna be people. I also hate liars, especially people who are close to me.

Happiest moment(s):
It was when I was able to hold a mentorship programme at the National Stadium, Surulere, with over a thousand secondary school students and celebrities in attendance. God really proved himself at the programme.

Most embarrassing moment(s):
It was the day I slapped my younger sister in public and I got mine back instantly. It was a very embarrassing scene.

Your project:
The project was borne out of passion and not that I was victim of rape. The project is a demonstration for sexually abused women, particularly young girls within the ages of three and 15 years, specifically, with the aim of informing the society and addressing rape and also, taking people from the level of self-denial to self-confidence and self-esteem.

I'm a woman and a passionate Nigerian, I just felt I had to set the pace and give back to the society. And to carry on with life, it's just God in all remifications.

Philosophy of life
Life to me, is a small world, just be good to everybody.

If you were given an opportunity to change something in Nigeria, what would it be?
Our leaders. I'll flush out old people and replace them with the young and energetic ones, who will be fit to handle the position and capable to take the country to the next level.

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