I Like Tuface Because he Respects Elders…….Singer, Victor Olaiya

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Music is said to be the fruit of the soul. It is listened to for various reasons and for various moods to various sounds of choice. Some people listen to some songs base on the beats, lyrics and some for the personality involved.

Veteran Nigerian high-life singer, Sir Victor Olaiya, has revealed that his working relationship with singer, 2face, was not his idea but that of Premiere recording company who wanted to try something new with high-life music.

The music legend, explained that what he likes about 2face is that he respects people a lot and he has great potentials which people don't know about.

In his words,”Tuface is such a gifted young boy that I like. He respects people especially the elderly very highly. He is gifted musically. During the trial, I discovered a number of talents which this guy has including respectability for elder musicians. He is a wonderful boy.”

Victor Olaiya, is a Nigerian trumpeter who plays in the highlife style. Though extremely famous in Nigeria during the 1950s and early 1960s, Olaiya received little recognition outside his native country.

In 1954 Olaiya formed his own band, the Cool Cats, playing popular high-life music. His band was chosen to play at the state ball when Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom visited Nigeria in 1956, and later to play at the state balls when Nigeria became independent in 1960 and when Nigeria became a republic in 1963. On the latter occasion, Olaiya shared the stage with the American jazz musicianLouis Armstrong. During the Nigerian Civil War of 1967–70, Olaiya was given the rank of a lieutenant colonel (honorary) in the Nigerian army and his band played for the troops at various locations. The Cool Cats later travelled to the Congo to perform for United Nations troops.