NASS Election: Ikiogha Still In Race, Remains The Man To Beat

By Enideneze Etete

The attention of Chief Victor Awala, Director General of Chief lkiogha Campaign Organisation and the entire body, has been drawn to rumour making the rounds that Chief Diekivie Bovie lkiogha has withdrawn from the Yelga/Kolga House of Representatives race.

To clear air, the Ikiogha Campaign Organisation, wishes to state unequivocally that the said rumour, which is the handi work of some opponents is black political propaganda, falsely desiged against Chief Ikiogha's popular aspiration for the Yelga/Kolga House of Representatives Seat.

Contrary to the speculation, the Peoples Democratic Party nor President Goodluck Jonathan, who was in the State for the Local Government and Ward Congress elections at his Otuabula-Ogbia Ward Headquarters, did not direct any aspirant to withdraw his aspiration. ln fact Mr. President did not at any meeting or point in time ask Chief Ikiogha to drop his aspiration in favour of any aspirants's ambition.

Rather than do so, Mr. President would in line with his renowned interest in adherening to the principles of true democracy and the Rule of Law, provide a level playing ground for all contenders.

The intent of those behind the wild rumour is to weep up emotional sentiments in order to attract sympathy towards harmonisation in their favour, but Mr. President is not a leader that can be cajoled into such antiques against the peoples' wish. The false propaganda is also geared towards, swaying away the minds of Chief lkiogha's teeming supporters from his people and service oriented aspiration.

Indeed, those behind the misinformation are rather scared of Chief lkiogha's popularity and his political profile, which has sored higher and higher. They have nothing else to do to stop him than resorting to distractive and false rumours.

Let it be known that President Jonathan is the political leader and father to the entire PDP and all Bayelsans, hence nobody or persons can claim being closer or more friendly to him than Chief Ikiogha.

Our numerous supporters, the State Chapter of PDP and Bayelsans at large should therefore, be weary of the antiques of some persons who use Mr. Presudent's name to deceptively brand their political ambition, instead of selling their name and deeds.

To this end, we wish to restate that Chief Diekivie Bovie Ikiogha remains unshakable in the Yelga/Kolga House of Representatives race, and he is still the man to beat.

We therefore, call on our supporters, those willing to join the Ikiogha, Yelga/Kolga Federal Constituency, PDP and the general public to disregard the false rumour and maintain support for Chief lkiogha, whose goal is to serve and deliver on his agenda.

ETETE, ENIDENEZE, arpa, aimim, gnipr