AASU On The Current Crisis In Burkina Faso

By All Africa Students Union (AASU)

The Secretariat of the All Africa Students Union (AASU) has been following with keen interest the crisis engulfing Burkina Faso. For two consecutive days thousands of protestors have been gathering in Ouagadougou and other cities of Burkina Faso initially against the constitutional reform that will allow President Blaise Compaore to stand for the third consecutive time for the next presidential election.

Now they are calling for his resignation as he persistently refuses to adhere to their demand. The first day protest resulted in a number of deaths among others.

It is important to recall that President Compaore has ruled for 27 consecutive years since he took over the reign of the country in a coup d'├ętat in 1987. In the past he has been accused of being actively involved in many conflicts by supporting rebels in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Cote d'Ivoire etc. And recently he has been, also, a mediator in many conflicts in the West Africa sub-region in Togo, Mali and Cote d'Ivoire etc.

However President Compaore, as most African leaders, seems not to learn from history and takes his compatriots as his mere followers who will continue to obey his orders always. Africans are more sophisticated than that and are aware of their rights and interests. They are ready to defend them to last drop of their blood.

AASU calls for the immediate resignation of President Compaore and the formation of a transitional government within the spirit of the constitution of the country to avoid any further deaths and bloodshed.

We call on the International Community especially ECOWAS and African Union (AU) to take their full responsibility to bring back normalcy in that country.

Long live people power!
Peace and stability in Burkina Faso!
Awaah Fred
(Secretary General)

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