How APC Is Making Jonathan Sleep Better These Days.


By Bello Emmanuel.
While they bicker on issues of consensus or no consensus, the nation's apex opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) is making the president and his men, happy. I learn President Jonathan sleeps sounder now than before. The calculations and prognosis appear to be on his side. With Ebola killed; with polio on its way out; with a ceasefire afoot and with APC leaders not sure who would fly their flag, a relaxed president left for Israel on pilgrimage to thank God for this victories.

Now, I don't know of any Nigerian president of the Christian faith, who has ever gone on that kind of pilgrimage. President Jonathan must be coolly sitting pretty to travel like that at this time in the electioneering calendar. I'm sure he feels that 2015, as far as the presidency is concerned, is a cakewalk.

And he's got the floundering APC to thank for that. The first problem the party faced was with the issue of whether it would go for a Muslim-Muslim ticket or not. Right now, the matter is still ruffling feathers around the country. Many believe that if the party does this, Jonathan and his men would be smiling to the polls. Even former President Olusegun Obasanjo kicked against it.

He was reacting to General Muhammadu Buhari's outburst in a recent interview where oga Buhari characteristically said it doesn't matter if the party goes for a same faith ticket. The respected general is wrong, of course. Religion is still a huge issue with Nigerians and comparing the current situation with the ancient Abiola/Kingibe magic is a no brainer. It is stuff like this that motivates the PDP to pummel APC with the janjaweed appellation which unfortunately was effective.

And don't forget that many still think the leadership composition of the APC is untowardly slanted to one particular faith. They may be wrong in saying this but Olisah Metuh has succeeded in selling the dummy to unsuspecting folks. That is why the PDP has wisely retained the Jonathan/Sambo formula which balances the North with the south and the two big faiths in a fusion. That looks more Nigerian and a lot of country men are comfortable with that.

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