Group Alleges Plot By Taraba Deputy Governor Garba Umar To Scuttle PDP Ward Primaries


We of ‪TARABA DEMOCRACY VANGUARD wish to urgently bring a matter of public importance to your kind notice.

We have just received intelligence reports that the Deputy Governor, Alhaji Garba Umar, has hatched a plan to scuttle Saturday's wards polls in which the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would get its delegates.

His plans include the use of police and other security apparatus to intimidate and harass voters. He also wants to intimidate those conducting the election into carrying out his wishes.

We have chosen to enlist the support of the press to assist us in appealing to the leadership of the police and all the other law enforcement agents to alert all their posts.

We also hope that our allegations (if they are seen as that) would not be treated with kid gloves.

Umar is a desperate man clutching on all straws. Having failed to topple the leadership of our great party, the PDP, in the state, he has now resorted to guerilla tactics. He is willing and prepared to sacrifice the lives of innocent Tarabans on the altar of power.

We need to also alert that Umar has deployed the dreaded “yan kalare” outlaws in Gombe to Taraba to disrupt the peace and frighten residents to submission.

Umar violent streak is not in doubt considering the lives that has been wasted already in the once peaceful state.

The insurgents that he pays and commissioned are still active in Taraba killing and maiming people, especially in Wukari, Ibi and all the other towns of the southern zone. Bali and the other towns are also not spared.

We have to make this appeal because Umar has no monopoly of violence. We are a law abiding people but we should not be sacrificed like sheep. Even a sheep, when pushed to the wall may react.

Help us stop an ugly situation on Saturday. Reign Umar and his pack of Hyenas in.

Joshua Jibo
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