Recently the president of Niger Delta Youth Mission (NDYM) clocked 30 and as a result celebrated his 30th birthday at his home town Orsu in Oguta L.G.A and at the same time used the opportunity to organize a well-attended get-together, inviting all the youth groups from Imo state extraction.

It was indeed a celebration galore for all the invitees who witnessed the occasion. Hon. Micheal Ahize the National President of (NDYM) used the opportunity to reiterate the firm stands of Imo youths towards the re-election bid of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan come 2015. He made it clear before the mammoth crowd that attended the occasion that president (GEJ) is a youth friendly leader, going by his pronouncement at the international conference center Abuja, where an international summit was organized by Association of Nigerian Young Professionals.

In the summit, President Goodluck made his position on youth known when he said that the age limit stipulated by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for anyone seeking the office of the president was a discrimination against the Nigerian youths whom he said have the needed potentials to take this country to the next level. The president in his remarks during the Abuja summit according to Hon Micheal Ahize said the youth have the drive, passion and the energy to produce desired result and should not be discriminated against by the use of age mechanism.

Going further to buttress the point raised by the President in the International Conference Center Abuja, the special guest of honour at the occasion who is a lecturer, author, journalist and social critic; Prof Protus Nathan Uzorma (Mayor Niger Delta Youth Mission) who also was recently installed The Mayor Of Imo Youths reaffirmed his commitment to the emancipation of Imo-youths who have always been a tool in the hands of selfish politician. Prof. Uzorma Nathan went further to cite the case of past leaders of this nation and their ages when they were assigned national assignments. In illustrating his points, he took the elated youths to memory lane when he made them know that in the fight for Nigeria's independence from Neo-colonialism “Sir Ahmadu Bello was 36years, his brother the premier of Northern Region Alhaji Tafawa Belewa was 34years. In an attempt to throw more light he made the crowd know that Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo was 37years and the man who moved the motion for the independence Chief Anthony Enahoro was 29 years old. He said it was only Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe that was at the age of 42 when Nigeria had her independence. Prof Uzorma therefore encouraged the youths to be patriotic and shun all form of crime and electoral violence.

While appreciating the guests, the Niger Delta Youth President Engr. Mike frowned at the recycling nature of our political system where people who were at the parliament many years ago are still the same people you see today. He inferred by saying that the hour for change has come and the battle for emancipation of the youths begins now. He further humbly implored the youths to join hands together come 2015 to support President Goodluck Jonathan so that his youth friendly policies will be achieved. The occasion was attended by over ten thousand NDYM youths.