Nutrition expert trumps up benefits of new-look Olympic Milk

By Adebayo Dawodu

Which drink should an adult take between milk and carbonated drinks? Is milk mainly for children or is it equally beneficial to children?

A consultant and advocate of healthy living and fitness lifestyle with over a decade of experience, Dr. Bisi Abiola, has advised that adequate intake of milk fortifies the human body against diseases and supplies essential nutritional requirement for healthy living.

The nutrition expert spoke at the official launch of Olympic Milkrebranding campaign tagged, “Winning with Olympic: The Healthy Choice” which held recently in Lagos, and described milk as a wholesome food that is highly rich in calcium, Potassium, riboflavin, magnesium, Zinc, protein, iodine, phosphorus and vitamins B2 and B12,” adding that milk, “is nature's wellness gift to mankind.”

At the event Nutricima Limited unveiled its new Olympic PowderedMilk and ready-to-drink Olympic Apple Flavoured bottled drink..

The new, highly rich and nutritious Olympic Powdered Milk comes in 16g single serve sachet and 300g family pack, while the grab-and-go Olympic Apple Flavoured food drink is available in 500ml bottle.

Dr. Abiola gave nutritional advice to guests at the event and entertained questions on healthy living and nutrition during the experiential sessions before the main event.. She refuted the popular misgiving by adults that milk is meant for children because it helps in their formative years. She said, “Milk is well known to guarantee a balanced diet and is healthier than carbonated drinks hence the need for its regular intake.”

She stated that the repackaged Olympic Milk “is highly beneficial to children and adults alike. The milk is low in cholesterol and therefore helps to keep the body fit and healthy when consumed appropriately, and complemented with other basic activities such as avoiding stress, eating right, walking out, among others.

“Ordinarily, the liver produces 100mg of cholesterol in a day, an amount which is considered adequate for the body to stay fit. The unfortunate part is that we consume a lot of food items high in cholesterol. We constantly need to ensure that we eliminate the bad cholesterol, which is gotten from fatty foods. We consume daily, food items that are high in cholesterol which on the long run clogs the arteries which results to terminal diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, stroke, hypertension,” she said.

Speaking further, she advised that, “three glasses of milk per day spread over three basic meals is ideal to keep the body fit,” adding that, “it is a lot easier now since people can have it in different forms. Some people use it to make smoothies, add it to their cake and it is also usually added to chocolates. The best way is to stick to the 3 glasses per day.”

Dr Abiola has written two books on healthy living and has a bi-monthly fitness magazine. She holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and developed the passion for health and fitness while doing her masters in Oxford University, London.