Rivers 2015: Anyanya Unveils Manifesto, Prioritizes Security, Education, Infrastructure  

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People's Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Rivers State, Major Lancelot Anyanya (Rtd) has described his ambition as one propelled by the need to make the state great again by giving opportunities to the people to actualize their dreams.

If elected governor, promised Anyanya,  he would focus on fast racking  development in the state, listing security and quality education as priorities.

The aspirant made the promises Saturday in Port Harcourt at a mammoth rally to formally declare his candidacy.

Anyanya  charged his teeming supporters to take his message of renewal to the nook and crannies of the state.

He lamented that Rivers State had slipped from being one of the leading states in terms of development, but promised to reverse the trend by embarking on progressive policies and programmes.

The leading security expert drew attention to his manifesto, saying it revolved around all aspects of life, particularly the family. He reminded that government should be about human development.

He said, “It is all about the whole dimension of human security. It is all about our mission and at the centre of that circle is the family. It is all about human beings. Government is for you, government should be for you. 

“Forget that you have suffered in the past. I know there is gross deficit, our people don't believe in those who want to lead again. Importantly, we have disconnected ourselves and because we have disconnected ourselves, we stay near water but our people complain there is no water,” lamented the aspirant.

He, however added, ” I've come to tell you that this is our chance, we are here to announce the journey to greatness. The preeminent challenge in our state today is all about security. 

“Everyday we hear of kidnap, everyday, we hear of all kinds of crime, people are dying, needlessly. When our president declared that his ambition is not important enough to warrant the shedding of any blood, he meant it. 

“Today we have come to announce to you, no more bloodshed. So in each of the components in our manifesto, we would explain them to you , we would engage you to fully appreciate our values, our conviction and what we stand for in this election. It is all about the total security of the good people of Rivers State because at the end of the day, it is you we have come to serve”, he pledged.

“So we would address security, and when you look at what it used to be in this state, you will say, is it ever possible but it would be by the grace of God. We would address infrastructure. We would make sure we address the rot in education as a priority. At a certain age, every child must be able to read and write properly with formal education or not. 

“Our children must be able to compete at the highest level of educational competence in the knowledge economy and it is a promise because it is what we should have as a necessity. It is not about certificate but about content. 

“Having been the chairman of a leading parastatal that has to do with the issues of oil spills, I have come to understand the implications of health challenges with particular reference to the environmental challenges in the state. 

“Rivers people have so much resources but Rivers people are not rich. This is an abberation. Rivers people are not as wealthy as they should be. So why will you suffer in the midst of plenty? It is not about me. I'm just privileged to be an instrument in this journey but all us together will make it happen”, he declared.

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