My dear Unjoerated Onwukeme,
I am so busy now but let me quickly correct your specious assertions so that the Nigerian public will not be derailed. I am neither a hireling nor a stooge to any politician as I am very comfortable with my medical profession and other of my investments which I am not ready to disclose here. Concerning the BringBackOurGirls group,I did not mention any name but I thank God that you were the one that mentioned Oby Ezekwesili. My brother ,nobody disputes her educational qualifications and achievements,all I am saying is that the protests by her group are uncalled for at least for now. That one has succeeded in one area of life does not mean that one can succeed in another aspect of life. Oscar Pistorius,a role model to not only our physically challenged but also a pride to his country was recently convicted. His achievements in sports never saved him from the long claws of the law or from making mistakes in other aspects of life . He has succeeded in the world of sports but has failed in the world of relationship with people. Also,recently in USA,a cancer researcher,Dr Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, was convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment having been found guilty of poisoning his fellow researcher and former lover,Dr George Blumenschein. Although the cancer researcher had excelled in the world of breast cancer and had put smiles on the faces of her patients/clients,she failed in her world of relationship. You may also ask why the marriages of many celebrities do not last since they have succeeded in the world of entertainment?

In view of the above,that Oby Ezekwesili has excelled in her chosen academic world,does not mean that she will excel in politics in fact ,she goofed by allowing herself to be used by our neocolonialists in APC in the name of BringBackOurGirls group just like how all these convicts I mentioned above goofed in their relationships with people outside their professions. Mind you,Apc has accepted the ownership of that BringBackOurGirls hashtag group hence the ownership is indubitable. Also,you opined that the bombing of the world trade center is not akin to the kidnap of Chibok girls. My brother,no two problems are the same in the world .Every problem comes with its own challenges. The summary of the two problems is that the American security agents were unable to prevent the bombing of the world trade center,the same way our own security agents were unable to prevent the kidnap of the Chibok girls. My brother you did not answer a question I asked in my previous article on why American government,the supposed world power,opted for the swapping arrangement for the release of their soldier held by Taliban for nearly five years. Why did America not use force and why should it take them almost five years?

My brother,the issue of terrorism is new. Many of our soldiers and other security agents were trained to combat opponents that are afraid to die not people that are ready and willing to die. Terrorism can be likened to a scenario where you are about fighting with somebody and the person removes his clothes and stabs himself severally,that tells you what the person will do to you when the real fight starts. Will you still be ready to fight with such person? The bible says love your neighbour as yourself,my question then is what of those that don't love themselves ,what are they expected to do to their neighbours?Our security agents just like other security agents anywhere in the world are still attending fresh training on how to combat terrorism and I will remind you of the sagacious words of Chief Obasanjo which say 'things take time.' Our security agents are trying despite having enough moles among them and unpatriotic acts of ambitious politicians mostly in the opposition party. I think all we need now is to give them all the supports they need because uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

My brother ,I don't want to join issues with you concerning the matter in Rivers state because just like the bible has said, there are people that the gods of this age have blinded. I plead with you to visit Rivers state and draw your own conclusion based on comparing the development strides by governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu state where you live, despite receiving one of the lowest federal allocations, with that of Rivers state, the oil hub of the country and one of the states with the largest federal allocation. Forcing you to compare Rivers state with neighbouring Akwa Ibom,Bayelsa,Cross River and Delta states will be suicidal as these states have passed Rivers state in terms of developments .Please just come down and see things for yourselves. It is only those living in Rivers state whose wear the shoe that know where it pinches them. Can you compare the good road network and uninterrupted power supply in Enugu state with what we have in Rivers state? Just come down and see things for yourselves,the test of the pudding is in the eating.

However,I am not saying that Rotimi Amaechi-led government has not done anything. All I am saying is that majority of his achievements were when he was still in the PDP and since he left PDP and the Assembly members followed him,everything in the state has come to a halt. You may now apply your discretion with respect to the the sharing formula of the federal allocation to the state that will make the Assembly members to stick to him. While this politics is ongoing,the masses are suffering,go to police cells in Rivers states,people are packed as sardines because courts are not in session for the suspects to be properly arraigned. People's fundamental rights are being infringed on because of the same reason. Please,note that I am not saying that other APC governors have not performed creditably ,Oshiomhole and Fashola are living examples and they remain my role models but my worry is that since Amechi joined APC the state has come to a halt and the assembly members are solidly behind him because they know what they return to the banks with while the masses can go and die. Sincerely, I will not blame Amaechi because if he fails to do the needful to the assembly members ,Nyako will be his second name.

Concerning militarisation of our polling units,my brother ,let us accept it since it has reduced the incidents of snatching of ballot boxes by political thugs and intimidation of voters along with other electoral crimes .You went further to call for a radical president and not a gentleman,my brother,without being told we know that is what APC stands for,radicalism. I believe that when your Buhari wins,he will repeat what he did as the military head of state,detaining people permanently without bringing them to court and not allowing his suspects to have any legal representation . His own democracy will be that any suspect is a convict already and sections 34,35,36 etc of CFRN which talk about rights to dignity,personal liberty and fair hearing respectively,will be thrown to the winds when your Buhari wins ,is that not what your radicalism means? I hope his radicalism will go a long way to continue the Incarceration of people convicted in his kangaroo courts and possibly decapitating and hanging them the way ISIS is radically doing theirs in Iraq and Syria ?My dear apostle of radicalism,this is democracy where even a murderer still has some fundamental human rights until convicted by a competent law court and the convict will continue appealing the verdicts until the supreme court gives the final verdict. For the ceasefire agreement,my brother,there are many unscrupulous elements that are perpetrating evil in our country in the name of Boko Haram even when Boko Haram members or leaders don't know them .In the north today,if one goes to kill one's enemy or business/political opponent,the dastardly act will be credited to Boko Haram.

My dear,you made mention of Buhari being called as a senior military officer to head the government after the coup. Well, let me accept that barefaced lie for peace to rein but when he took over power why did he not return the power to the democratically elected government since none of the democratically leaders was killed in the coup?My brother,if I go and steal another person's property as your younger brother (just like you claimed that the junior military officers did)and I call you as my elder brother to keep the loot for me(as you are now forcing us to believe that your Buhari as a senior military officer was called upon to head the product of the violent and illegal change of government),in the eyes of the law,the people and God will you be exonerated when the punishment for my robbery comes? By following your line of reasoning,in our criminal law,your Buhari is called ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT. Accessory after the fact is the person who knowing that an offence has been committed subsequently harboured or relieved the felons,or in a way secured or attempt to secure their escape. What did Buhari do to the coupists on assumption of office as the head of states to show that he was not a party to the coup as you are now telling us(your supposed fools and kids in the political kindergarten)? Late Aguiyi Ironsi showed the world that he was not part of the January 15,1966 coup by incarcerating the masterminds of the coup and history has it that Kaduna Nzeogwu was under custody and was only released at the beginning of the civil war.

Also,section 10 of our criminal code states that a person who receives or assists another who is,to his knowledge guilty of an offence,in order to enable him to escape punishment,is said to become an accessory after the fact to the offence. My dear brother ,by accepting to head a government that came into existence by violence, Buhari is as guilty as the coupists .He is guilty of the laws of excluded middle and non contradiction. These are laws that incorruptible people of astute logical reasoning and unquestionable political skills should obey always. The law of excluded middle says,it is either you are fair in complexion or you are dark in complexion .You cannot belong to both. It is either Buhari was and is still in support of the coup that truncated our democracy or he was or is still not in support of it. Secondly,the law of non contradiction says that one cannot hate a process and still enjoys from it. If your Buhari was not in support of the coup as you are forcing down our throats now,he should not head a government that was a product of the coup. Aye kweh Amah in one of his books,The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born,called the likes of your Buhari ,Chidodo birds.The chidodo birds hate faeces but feed on the maggots that feed on the faeces what a self deceit and distortion of facts ?

Finally,you said that you could not verify section 137(1)(f) of CFRN that I quoted. Well,that shows the level of intelligence you operate on. I guess that your problem is my abbreviation of CFRN,my brother it is a generally accepted abbreviation for Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You simply make reference to your constitution if you have one but that is only if you are not among the uneducated Nigerians that believe that only legal practitioners and law students are permitted to buy and make use of our constitution. Also,as a fledgling user of the constitution,I hope you know that I am referring to our 1999 constitution(as amended) before you go and start searching for 1963 constitution. My other responses to your publication will be reflected in my subsequent series under the same topic. Thanks a lot.

[email protected],
Port Harcourt,
Rivers state.

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