The Removal Of Immunity Clause


The removal of immunity clause for President, Vice President, Governors and Deputy Governors, is a welcome and wonderful development, which I have ceaselessly crusaded for at the National Conference.

This will make elected officials seat up and eschew corruption and embezzlement whilst in office and be head answerable and accountable to the Nigerian people who elected them.

In advanced democracies of the world, serving top Government officials have been known to be hand-cuffed and tried by Courts and tribunals.

Any public officer who illegally dips his hands into the National or State till to siphon the people's money, or commit heinous crimes whilst in office such as killing political opponents, or arranging their murder should be ready to face the music in accordance with our criminal justice system.

No one is above the law and the law should treat all equally, without elevating some in to the pantheon of sacred cows and untouchables. That is the essence of the Rule of law as espoused by Prof A. V. Dicey, the great jurisprudential theoretician. Sikena!

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