Paul John's The Politics Of Nigerian Security Challenges 1 & 2

By Unjoerated Onwukeme

This rejoinder became necessary to educate some gullible Nigerians who are easily carried away by campaign of propaganda, slander and libel by inconspicuous armed chair critics.

The need to read John Paul's bitter diatribe with rapt attention and critically examine all he said became absolute necessary.

In Paul John's article, The Politics Of Nigerian Security Challenges 1&2, the self imposed hireling ridiculed and accused the #bringbackourgirls group, opposition government and some revered Nigerians as the reason why PDP led Jonathan's government is not progressing.

Paul John accused the #bringbackourgirls group as the frustrated elements in this present administration, he opined "some of them featured during Obasanjo's regime but were not favoured in this present administration", its obvious Paul John was referring to our revered World bank guru, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, let me give you a brief history about this guru called Dr. Oby Ezekwesili.

Obiageli Ezekwesili is a Nigerian chartered accountant. She was a co-founder of Transparency International, serving as one of the pioneer Directors of the global anti-corruption body based in Berlin, Germany.

Ezekwesili started off in the Olusegun Obasanjo administration as the Pioneer head of the Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit (aka Due Process Unit). It was in this position that she earned the sobriquet of "Madam Due Process" for the outstanding work she led a team of professionals to do in sanitising public procurement or contracting at the Federal level in Nigeria.

She was appointed Minister of Solid Minerals (Mines and Steel) in June 2005 during which time she led a vibrant reform program that led to Nigeria's global recognition as a credible mining investment destination. She was appointed Minister of Education in 2006 and during her short stint her radical changes transformed the education sector.

It was her performance in Obasanjo's government that earned her a job in world bank as Vice president for the Africa region in march 2007.

She has established herself in Nigeria and in International speaking circuits since she left the world bank.

From her records so far Dr. Oby Ezekwesili is not poor nor hungry, she does not need to be in Jonathan's government to be relevant. Her activism with #bringbackourgirls didn't start today, her activism started way back in Abacha's military regime.

Her integrity speaks volume and does not need to be in the opposition government to be relevant.

If #bringbackourgirls are being sponsored by the opposition government as alleged by Paul John and his cohorts, it is because of president Jonathan's insensitivity to our Nation's declining security apparatus, I laugh whenever Paul John and his ignorant cohorts compare Chibok girls saga and America's September 11th 2001 attack, the difference between both is when the former occurred, the Nigerian government didn't intensify their effort in rescuing the girls, rather they went into meetings and wild consultations among security and service chiefs before they could admit over 200 girls were kidnapped but before then the insurgents had virtually taken over some parts of North East. In the case of the latter, the American government through its security agencies immediately ran into action, they pursued their attackers down to Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and didn't relent until their attacker was captured and killed. There was no need for American citizens to go on the streets to protest, they have confidence in their security apparatus and their government's commitment in handling the situation. Paul John is telling Nigerians since it took American government and its security apparatus more than ten years to achieve that feat, we shouldn't expect miracle from our government and security apparatus any time soon, rather we should go home and sleep and maybe wait for fifteen years before we can think of curbing Boko Haram.

Paul John accused the opposition of using the #bringbackourgirls to get at the ruling government, the question I want you and your cohorts to answer is this, are the more than 200 girls missing? If yes, what is stopping the almighty ruling PDP government to swing into action and bring back our girls? If they had done it since, the opposition won't use such to criticise the ruling government. The aim of the group is as simple as ABC, bring back our girls.

Paul John also criticised Rivers state as being one of the largest in terms of federal allocation to states of not having a good road network and no improvement in the power sector but at the end they will have the effrontery to attack Jonathan who has recorded numerous achievement, before I answer Paul John, where is the so called numerous achievements of Jonathan? In your village I guess? In case you forgot let me remind you, Rivers state was ruled by PDP for eight years before governor Amaechi took over, governor Amaechi also ruled the state for seven years under PDP before defecting to APC after irreconcilable differences with president Jonathan, why blame APC if Rivers lack good road network and power supply? If your retarded brain can't remember, let me remind you that governor Amaechi is not even up to a year in APC. Blame PDP for your alleged allegation against Rivers state. From the above fact, if you are someone with conscience you will know People's Democratic Party led government is cancerous to Nigerians and flushing them out is inevitable.

Sane Nigerian citizens will support a political party that is afraid of law enforcement agents because over the years we have seen law enforcement agencies being involved in partisan politics, if the opposition government don't oppose it, they will continue to use the security apparatus to intimidate opposition opponents at the polling units, it has happened in the past, Ekiti state election is still fresh in our heart.

It is only in PDP led government that an impeached governor over alleged financial impropriety will be given the party's ticket to contest for governor ship election in Nigeria, this comes to show the calibre of men PDP parades as its members. If governor Fayose's hands were clean as claimed, he shouldn't have bothered going to desecrate the state high court with his thugs, he should have waited for the court to pronounce him innocent of the charges of in eligibility and incompetence levelled against him.

Mr. Paul John is comparing opposition government and the ruling party's performance, his yard stick for performance is the security apparatus in their states, who controls the security apparatus in Nigeria?

Mr Paul John said president Jonathan is tolerating all the verbiage being thrown at him because he's a gentle man, president Jonathan is not reacting because he's not performing, he is enjoying his status as No 1 citizen of Nigeria, Nigerias condition right now don't need a gentle man as president, what we need is a radical man that will initiate radical changes, structures and institutions, former president Obasanjo received more criticism than president Jonathan.

Paul John advised Nigerians to be wiser by sticking to PDP, its only foolish Nigerians that will listen to your counsel, the good news is Nigerians are wiser now, they were deceived in 2011 but can't be deceived in 2015.

Another important issue to ponder is Mr. Paul John's assertion about the cease fire agreement reached recently, don't rejoice yet, the cease fire agreement died upon arrival, Nigerian army relapsed into silence when they heard of the cease fire agreement and North East suffered another heavy casualty from Boko Haram attack last week friday and saturday, this is not the first time we have heard of cease fire agreement from Boko Haram, I don't know why they treated this one with kid gloves.

The campaign of propaganda being used against General Buhari is that he ousted a democratically elected government through a military coup, Buhari has maintained his innocence over the years concerning the coup, he was merely invited as the most senior officer to take over the reigns of governance after Mr. Shagari, the second republic president was sacked. No top military officer have come out to denounce Buhari's claim more than twenty five years now.

While General Buhari's military regime received accolades for its anti corruption stance and discipline through (decree number 2), it came under severe criticism for its high handedness and violation of human rights. Nobody is perfect, he acted under a decree, that was the army standard back then. He is not coming back as a military ruler. General Buhari has said repeatedly that #2.8 billion oil money didn't disappear while he was Minister of Petroleum, he tagged it politically motivated and called the likes of Paul John to go and investigate it, his records are there. From all accounts General Buhari remains the best military president Nigeria has ever had.

Paul John quoted unverifiable section 137 (f) of our CFRN " a person shall not be qualified for election for the office of the president if he is an undischarged bankrupt". What is Paul John's measurement of being rich? By becoming $100 million rich and the 6th richest African president?

Ignorance is not only a disease but also a crime, the likes of Paul John should be taught contesting for presidential election is not necessarily how many billions you have in your account, it is what you can offer the electorates, Obama didn't contribute a kobo to his campaign, it was his friends, family and party members that believed in Obama that raised his campaign funds, that's the message General Buhari was trying to pass across but people like John Paul and his fellow PDP cohorts have been blind folded by corruption and share the money formula currently in vogue in the ruling party and can't wait to partake in the on going stomach infrastructure.

Who is afraid of Buhari? Why are they scared of every move he makes? If Buhari is the alleged sponsor of Boko Haram as claimed by some allies of the PDP, does it mean General Buhari can't be investigated and arrested by our team of security apparatus? Is General Buhari above the law?

Quoting General Buhari out of contest didn't dent his image at all, it increased his popularity and fan base not only in Nigeria but all over the World.

On a finaI note, I will leave Paul John and his cohorts with a quote from one of Okey Ndibe's article.

"I see two kinds of Nigeria: those who are content with the way things stands - A Nigeria bereft of health care, electric power, good roads, sound education and infrastructure - and those who insist Nigeria can and must be better. The former are often the profiteers from a system that enables a few to live off the misery of the larger populace, infact a system that empowers a few to treat the majority of Nigerians as if they were ants. I am proud to be counted among the latter group, its up to Paul John and his cohorts to decide on whose side they stand".

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