Speech delivered at a Pro-UNIBEN Management procession

By Edo Unity League

Positive processional rally in honor of President Goodluck Jonathan GCFR, the Oba of Benin, and Prof. O.G. Oshodin for their Commitment to due process which led to the appointment of Prof. Osasere Orumwense as Vice Chancellor Elect, Uniben by the Edo Unity league on Wednesday 22nd October, 2014

The Edo Unity League is a coalition of academicians, professionals, students and market women who believe in the propagation and defense of Edo peoples' interest. We are particularly grateful for the meticulous manner in which the “search'' and 'select' committees handled the screening of the applicants for the Vice chancellorship of Uniben, and the final choice also expect that a case of “no victor, vanquish” will be promulgated by the incoming VC.

By the same token, this procession is to sound a note of warning to the three-evil men of Uniben (Onokhoraye, Iyawe and Orhue) to desist forwith from their nefarious intentions to incite students and the general public against the outgoing and the incoming vice chancellors. We will no longer fold our arms and allow some centrifugal elements to destroy our hard-earned legacies in the ivory tower, which is the bedrock of our human capital development.

The landmark achievements of Professor Oshodin, JP, are a reinforcement of President Jonathan's transformation agenda, and those seeking to destroy them are enemies of the Edo people and Nigeria. We are stakeholders in the progress of the University and any other institution in our land. We love peace, and have unequal capacity to fight enemies of progress who are hell bent on bringing down the towering image of Professor Osayuki Godwin Oshodin. There are speculations in the rumor mill that the three-evil-men are planning to mobilize youths from neighboring kogi state to unleash violent protests against our students and management staff. It is on record that those behind the alleged food poisoning of Prof. O.G Oshodin are yet to be arrested and prosecuted by the law enforcement agencies. We implore our law enforcement agencies to beam their search light on the three-evil-men in order to nip their evil plans in the bud.

We will continue to protect the image of this great university, as well as other credible Edo people in positions of authority

Oba Gha To Okpere Ise
Mr. Efosa Nehikhare
Secretary, Edo Unity League