My Tenure as the Education Secretary of AJIF has not Expired-Hon.Adeogun

Hon. Adewale Adeogun is the present Education Secretary of Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Chairman Association of Education Secretaries of Nigeria, National Vice President, Association of Education Secretaries of Nigeria, South West Co-ordinator.The only ever appointed Education Secretary in Ajeromi-Ifelodun that has brought academic light to public schools in Nigeria. Today, one of the Ajegunle primary schools has emerged as the best in Nigeria and number one in Lagos State through the concerted efforts of Hon.Adewale Adeogun and his team.Hon.Adewale Adeogun'appointment was constitutionally approved by the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board(SUBEB),having passed through intensive screening from highly intelligent academics and others.Hon.Adewale Adeogun's leadership has not only increased enrolment of pupils into public schools in Ajegunle but also made teachers to see themselves as leaders of vision till today. Whoever taught that Ajegunle teachers can afford three bedroom flats, have their own houses and ride posh cars through Hon.Adewale Adeogun's idealogy.He has received over 100 awards both national and international and still receiving awards till this minute of this interview. He does not believe in procrastination but ready to bring the crème da la crème of people to Ajegunle to encourage pupils to work hard in pursuit of their careers in life. In this interview with Mindset Media Limited, Hon.Adewale Adeogun said his tenure as the Education Secretary expires from January 2015 and other sundry issues in Nigeria.

It has been rumored that your tenure as the Education Secretary of Ajeromi-Ifelodun expires this October 2014 which was recently published in one of the local newspapers in Ajegunle, How true is it?

My brother, my tenure expires January 2015 not October 2014.I have my approval letter of appointment from Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board(SUBEB).You can see the letter with yourself. The letter of appointment stated 2011 to 2015, so I don't know how that publication came about without verification of my appointment. Anything that is good is not meant for one person in life. I cannot remain the education secretary of Ajeromi-Ifelodun forever. The ES position is by appointment not election. If your local government nominates you, that does not mean you are the Education Secretary, you have to undergo rigorous screening from SUBEB for final approval. So I am still in charge of my position, though some elements want me out by all cost.Today,public schools in Ajegunle are honored all over the world. My joy is that, I have a good team that keyed into my vision from the first day I assumed office as the Education Secretary of Ajeromi-Ifelodun.Even the parents and teachers of Ajegunle public schools are happy with my kind of leadership. Every day of my resumption as the Education Secretary of Ajeromi-Ifelodun,I visit at least 6 schools and conduct morning assemblies with them. Lagos State government under Babatunde Raji Fashola has credibly done well in the education sector. The government is working. Again Hon.Fatai Ajidagba,the Executive Chairman of LCDA has done well in grassroots education and Hon.Kamal Bayewu,the Executive Chairman of Ajeromi-Ifelodun is not left out. My administration controls over 74 public primary schools in Ajegunle and as the National Vice President of Education Secretaries for 774 local governments in Nigeria. The position is constitutionally runs for two years only.Ajegunle is a centre of excellence in terms of quality education in Nigeria. Over the years, I have been teaching since early 80s, Ajegunle public schools have produced people of integrity in Nigeria. My tenure has brought unbeatable achievements in the sands of time. Before Ajegunle schools were relegated to the background but today, our schools remain the best in Nigeria and Africa. Even though, I am not in power again, my legacies would still speak more of my stewardship in Ajegunle.If I am not reappointed, another bigger position could be given to me, so I am not worry about rumor mongers.

Many people have asked this pertinent question why you always carry Ambassador Daddy Showkey along all your programmes instead of educationists in Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA.

Please, you must know that Ambassador Daddy Showkey is an Ajegunle hero recognized nationally and internationally. In Ajegunle here, we don't see Ambassador Daddy Showkey as nobody but I see him as somebody. He has the privilege to see any governor in Nigeria and the President. Ambassador Daddy Showkey is a humble man to the core. You must identify with those that are doing well in life. I have gained many things from Daddy Showkey and he is a role model to Ajegunle people and beyond.

Many corporate bodies and personalities are beginning to identify with Ajegunle public schools through your concerted efforts as the Education Secretary of Ajeromi-Ifelodun, what is your stake on this?

My life as a person is just doing new things at the right time. I am also a veteran politician to the core. I love people that criticize me. Corporate bodies and individuals have seen what Ajegunle public schools are doing. I don't need to blow my own trumpet.

By January your tenure would expire and you would be 50 years old, can you say God has been faithful to you?

50 years is not 50 days. God has made me achieved many things in life, so I am happy for God to have kept my life till date. Life is all about making people happy in life. My job is to focus on Ajegunle primary schools. I am projecting Ajegunle public schools not me.Today, Ajegunle achievers want to support Ajegunle public schools in one way or the other. The GONG publication is all about projecting Ajegunle public schools all over the world. Our last programme for the out gone pupils, the number three man, Hon.Adeyemi Ikuforiji,Speaker Lagos State House of Assembly came to grace the event and he saw the wonderful things going on in Ajegunle. We extended all our invitations to all the political leaders in Ajeromi-Ifelodun too. My joy to see Ajegunle children emerging the best in their schools.

What is your message to Nigerian leaders?
Nigerians should vote for leaders with pedigrees not criminals. We must put a round peg in a round hole. Government should continue to invest heavily on the education sector. No country thrives well without education. I want to tell my rumor mongers that my tenure expires January 2015 not October 2014.

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