Muslims Gathering on one of the functions.functions. Foto By Jawadu Mbogo
Muslims Gathering on one of the functions.functions. Foto By Jawadu Mbogo

By:Abubakar Sematimba
The first Uganda Islamic Museum and Research Center was on Saturday the 18th of October 2014 officially launched by Professor Abass Kiyimba of Makerere University on a function that took place at Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School, Mengo –Lubaga on the outskirts of the Capital Kampala.

The function was blessed and officiated by many distinguished scholars and elders from different parts of the country and beyond our borders.

In his speech professor kiyimba emphasized the importance of preserving the materials and information about the history of our religion Islam, and called upon those who attended and those who failed to come because of different reasons to take this matter to be very important.

He thanked those who came up with this idea Sheikh Jawadu Mbogo the director in particular, for this noble task.

'I got a short notice to attend this launch, I am heading for Mombasa to burry my brother Professor Ali Mazrui in Mombasa-Kenya, but because of the importance of this work, I decided to attend briefly to give my contribution' said the outspoken professor Abbass.

He urged the founders to make more research on Islamic history and not limit them selves on only the Muslims, but also to give credit to non Muslims who have contributed to Islam, on this note he mentioned people like Ssalongo Kasawuli 'Samona' who built a mosque for Muslims at Nalukolongo.

The director of the Museum Jawadu Mbogo thanked the participants and urged them to support this noble idea.

'I have traveled and spread the message to many people, Muslims and non Muslims and the idea seem to be interesting to many, but please I ask for your in-kind support to push forward this idea'.

He further reiterated that this Museum idea is price less, it is not for sale, thus, he said it does not belong to a particular faction or group but to every body Muslims and non Muslims.

'This Museum idea is an Islamic initiative, and you know Islam calls for tolerance, therefore every body will be welcomed Muslims and non Muslim' Sheikh jawadu emphasized.

The gathering was attend by among others Sheikat Razia Namakula a former Lecturer of Islamic university in Uganda –Mbale, who urged Muslim women to take some time and support the Islamic activities, she was dismayed by the low turn up of the women when actually they are the majority in this country.

'Am wondering what is wrong with us women, such activities of 'Deen' we don't respond as we are supposed to do, but if it was some thing else, the story would be different' a disappointed Sheikat Razia fumed.

Other participants at the function included Dr. Ausi Abubakar Sentongo, a graduate from Pretoria University in South Africa, Imaam Sheikh Shazil Lumala of Mukono, Dr. Thendo Mbawadde Mbabali of Ibn Abass Education foundation, Hafidhu obeid Semakadde of Islamic Awards, Dr. Sseremba yahaya from MISER-Makerere University, Nooh Mayambala CEO of Security Link Limited, members of the media houses and so many others.

The function was closed by Quran recitation from pupils of Ibn Abass Education foundation headed by Nizam deen Kinene and Ulama.

The function was sponsored by SECURITY LINK LIMITED.

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