Jonathan Welcomes W.H.O. Declaration That Nigeria Is Ebola-Free, Orders Continued Vigilance at Borders


President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan welcomes today's declaration by the

World Health Organisation (WHO) that Nigeria is now officially Ebola-free

after 42 days without any incidence of the Ebola Virus Disease.

President Jonathan dedicates the certification to the many patriotic

health workers, volunteers and ordinary Nigerians who worked tirelessly,

some of them paying the ultimate price, to stop the deadly virus in its

track after it entered the country in July this year.

The President seizes this opportunity to also reiterate his appreciation

of the contributions of state governments, WHO and other international

health organisations, relatives of infected persons and other Nigerians

who either courageously underwent the rigours of being quarantined or

complied with all directives issued by health authorities to defeat the

He believes that Nigeria's globally-acclaimed success against Ebola is a

testimony to what Nigerians can achieve if they set aside their

differences and work together, and calls on Nigerians to strive to

replicate the unity of purpose and all-hands-on-deck approach adopted

against Ebola in other areas of national life.
As the nation applauds the success of its collective effort to stop the

transmission of the Ebola Virus within Nigeria however, the President

warns that the entire country must remain fully alert and vigilant against

the re-entry of the virus.
President Jonathan fully shares the view expressed by WHO in its

congratulatory message to Nigeria that while we have won a battle against

Ebola, the war will only truly end when West Africa, Africa and the world

are declared free of Ebola.
The President consequently directs that all the anti-Ebola measures taken

after the entry of the virus into the country should remain in place and

that health officials should continue to actively screen persons entering

the country through its air, land and sea borders for any sign of the

He also urges all Nigerians to continue to follow the anti-Ebola

advisories on sanitation and personal hygiene issued by Federal and State

Health authorities.
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