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When the Indian sage, Mahatman Ghandi said that 'Politics without

principle is one of the seven social sinsâ€, he philosophically perhaps

have Adebayo Alao Akala and his likes in mind as grave sinners.

No matter how elastic one chose to go in political forgetfulness and

forgiveness, one perhaps can not but remember the palpable recklessness

with which Otunba Alao Akala ran government in Oyo State for four years

and one that made it very possible for an ACN (back then) to wrestle power

from the PDP.
There is an urgent need to recast the events of the past made more

relevant by the actions of Akala in the just concluded Zonal Convention of

the PDP in Ibadan where he reportedly tore ballot paper in the hand of a

former senator with the claim that there was an agreement, seemingly not

favoring him on how power must be shared giving and casting doubt to his

self confidence of winning a free and fair primaries let alone an election

without the process designed in his favor from the start.

Given the political history of the man Akala, the onus rest on some well

and right thinking individuals to rise up and say that never again will

his type rule us or in the language of the bible to say ' affliction

shall not arise the second TIMEâ€.
Politics should be one that is played with ideologies and principle both

of which Alao Akala lacks in semblance and in fact.

There can't be progressive politics without a reservation of central

place for principle in the scheme of things.
Alao Akala without apology belongs to the old school, unapologetic and not

growing politician that believes that politics is the act of looking for

trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly

and applying the wrong remedy. Need I remind us of the kind of politics

that brought him to power at first as an acting Governor through his

revered political God father? Our father who lived in Molete!

Akala is a politician whose business is getting power and privilegesat all

cost without possessing merit. A politician that gives the impression of

been interested in people and service not that this is always a virtue he

possesses but as simply as fleas are interested in dogs.

One would have thought that contentment should be his virtue having been

graciously Governor of Oyo State through cheating and backstabbing of his

former boss, he wants to again become governor of Oyo State in 2015 as if

there are no better brains and ethical personalities in such a leading

state of the federation.
It is quite unfortunate that there is nothing so bad that politics cannot

make worse or how else will one describe the been fortunate of an

undeserving apologist like the 'Oyatoâ€. Who is different in all forms

from what an ideal leader and administrator should be.

I dare say that a close examination of Alao Akala will leave one without

doubt that he suffers perhaps what one could call pathological narcissism

which is a spectrum of disorders albeit political. He suffers from a full

blown, all pervasive, personality distorting life more prone to fakeness

and violence than others.
He remains a remorseless, unempathic, ruthless and relentless fellow in

his pursuit of his goal (forceful leadership).
Akala is been hunted not by guilt of his past failure as governor (which

he should) but by anxiety of what he may not again becomes.Liberated from

the superstitions of the past, he doubts even the reality of his own

abilities. Superficially relaxed and tolerant as I observed him a while

ago, he finds little use for dogmas of racial and ethnic purity but at the

same time forfeits the security of group loyalties and regards everyone as

a rival for the favors conferred by a paternalistic state.

Akala extols cooperation and teamwork while harboring deeply antisocial

impulses as evident by his stint as governor in four years.He praises

respect for rules and regulations in the secret belief that they do not

apply to him. He is so acquisitive in the sense that his cravings have no

limits; he does not accumulate goods (character) for future but demands

immediate gratification and lives in a state of restless, perpetual

unsatisfied desire.
A characteristic of Alao is the predominance, even in groups of his

vulgarness and personality uncharacteristic of a state executive.Thus, in

intellectual lifestyle, which of its essence requires and presupposes

qualification, one can note the progressive triumph of the pseudo -

intellectual, unqualified and unqualifiable such as Alao Akala.

Impersonal virtues like fortitude, workmanship, moral courage, honesty and

respect for adversaries are as good as rejected by Alao Akala evidently by

his disposition while being a Governor and the worse of which he would do

if given the chance again. Unless we are prepared to make demands on one

another which is to allow only the best of us to lead us, we can enjoy

only the most rudimentary kind of common life (agreed Standards) are

absolutely indispensable to a democratic society because double standards

will push the best of us to second class citizenship where the worse leads

the best.
If we should face it, as shallow as it may sound, Alao Akala doesn't

even look 'executive'. Elections in Nigeria are fast becoming

popularity contests that focus largely on charisma and character with some

emphasis on philosophy thrown in by good measure. If voters (including

those in party primaries) really focused on qualifications and attributes

more than the money thrown around.
Also, if the definition of boldness (a big quantity of which is needed to

wrestle power from the APC) is the willingness to risk ones political

capital to pursue the greater good, Alao Akala is the opposite. There is

no record of his near six years as helms man in Oyo State where he

actually made himself accountable to the people he led other than stories

of violence emanating from his support of violence of one group against

the other. Hope we have not forgotten so soon the number of life lost in

the NURTW crisis and his role and involvement as governor back then.

To be a governor and a frontrunner, you have to distinguish yourself. You

don't have to commit political suicide, but cheerleading louder than

everyone else won't suffice.
Leadership of a state requires quality of thoughts and actions in which

Alao Akala has failed over time. He has failed to uphold fairness in daily

activities and as such lost respect with followers and the royal class. A

clear judgment too is an ardent tool of the administration of a state and

not favoritism as it is characteristic of Alao Akala. He perhaps lacks the

ability to think calmly, clearly and in an orderly fashion so that good

and consistent decisions are taken.
One of the reasons for the low esteem the public has for politicians is

the perception that they lack integrity. Most of us admire people of

principle, people who stand for something. And we distrust the end

justifies the means philosophy so commonly associated with the politics

characteristic of Alao Akala. The subjective dimension of integrity

relates to consistency of thoughts, words and actions.

Perhaps, one can relatively say that Akala is bereft of self control,

discipline and foresight. He perhaps best elucidate Lord Lugards'

analysis of a typical African leader who love the allure of power without

full realization of its responsibilities, acts with little apprehension

for the future and failure to make adequate plans even where such is

required. He lacks the power of organization and is conspicuously

deficient in the management and control of men as evident in his feud with

the royal class while he was a governor.
One can hardly even faintly coin out what Akala's political philosophy

is, rather he display politics of self aggrandizement and self enrichment.

In recent times, he comes up with tails of been the anointed candidate of

the presidency for the governorship of Oyo state, a claim even a neophyte

in politics will know can't be true. How will a Jonathan given the

forthcoming presidential election and the need to come a clean slate allow

the personality of an Alao Akala to rub on him let alone champion his

course? how would a Jonathan forget so soon the woes that Adebayo Alao

Akala brought on the PDP and nearly his ambition as president in the 2011

election where through the collapse of the PDP structure in Oyo State by

Alao Akala, same nearly cost Goodluck Jonathan his presidency as Oyo State

was viewed as one of the states if not the only one in the south westwhere

the PDP would have had a clear victory.
Need one be told, that even geographically, Akala and his Ogbomosho

tendency is not what is needed to unseat the incumbent governor without

allowing the sentiment of Ibadan to play out once again as it did in 2011?

Like it is the parlance in the street, it takes craziness to cure madness

and will nearly take a fellow Ibadan man to unseat the non performing

Clearly speaking, what is needed for victory for the PDP in the forth

coming election in Oyo State will not be thuggery and violence; a

trademark of Alao Akala but a conscientious, decorum, agile, less

frivolous personality who exhumes no record of moral decadence and failed

administrative ability.
Putting this in perspective reminds me of the poem of that great poet,

Thomas Hardy at the Southampton Docks in October 1899, where he wrote:

While the farewell music thins and fails,
And the broad bottoms rip the bearing brine —
All smalling slowly to the gray sea line—-
And each significant red smoke - shaft pales,
Keen sense of severance everywhere prevails,
Which shapes the late long tram of mounting men?
To seeming words that ask and ask again:
'How long, O striving Teutons, Slavs, and Gaels
Must your wroth reasoning trade on lives like these?

That is as puppets in a playing hand? —
When shall the saner softer polities
Whereof we dream, have sway in each proud land
And patriotism, grown Godlike, scorn to stand
Bondslave to realms, but circle earth and seas?â€
Ire ooooo
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