Nigeria Youths Launch Tuition-Free University (Free University of Nigeria)

By Free University Of Nigeria
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Nigeria youths Launch Tuition-Free University Free University of Nigeria (popularly known as FUN Campus ). The University is completely cloud based.

The Free University of Nigeria popularly known as FUN. FUN is world's first cloud-based, virtual, tuition-free, not-for-profit, degree awarding university that was formed by the people and for the people. It is an initiative powered by Nigerian youths.

It is dedicated to increasing access of the people particularly the youths to higher education and freedom for global transformation.

Duration for a degree course is 4 years. The following courses are currently available for admission

International Business Administration
Computer Science
Global Finance and Accountancy
Our major gain is to see that people are liberated from ignorance, poverty, violence, hopelessness and empower them to identify the right path to global, social and economic transformation.

To make Africa one of the centres for decision making in global development by transforming our students to be useful in leadership, businesses and Enterprise development.

To ensure that education become the right of an African Child.

To ensure that higher education is democratically available, accessible and affordable.

To offer in collaboration with other open source initiative the best form of educational practice.

To deliver tuition, flexible, collaborative and multi-cultural educational programmes using online learning management system that comply with the international standard for quality education practice.

the trend at which the university is growing is a conviction that accreditation is underway.


Funding is a big problem to a privately driven tuition-free institution of this kind. Below are areas we need the public donation and supports.

1. Finance
2. Data / Students Affairs Centres (SACs) are urgently needed Nationwide

3. Lagos Data Management Centres Offices (Urgently Required in the Mainland and Island)

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