Who Is Afraid Of Fashola’s “Budget of Consolidation”?

By Suage Badey
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On Tuesday, 17th November, 2009, the Lagos State Governor, Barr Babatunde

Fashola presented the 2010 budget estimate of N429. 59 billion to the

Lagos State House of Assembly, for approval. I learnt the budget

christened “Budget of Consolidation” represents an increase of 5. 7

percent over that of the preceding year. I also learnt it has a

persistent disbursement of N178.82 billion and a capital overflow of

N250.8 billion.
As that sounds very interesting, what makes it more interesting is the

fact that this realistic budget came at a period the National Houses

of Assembly threw caution to the wind and painted Nigeria with

undemocratic norms embedded in lawlessness demonstrated by the recent

shameless tussle being exhibited by both arms of the House on where

the national 2010 budget should be presented. As a result, we have

been inundated with arguments back and forth from David Mark and

Dimeji Bankole, quoting from the constitution, which House represents

the leadership and which one should succumb. They seem to have

forgotten their primary responsibilities and are now on an endless ego

trip at the expense of the electorate and tax payers.

In our party, the Action Congress (AC), under the able chairmanship of

Chief Bisi Akande, and the unrelenting Publicity Secretary, Chief Lai

Mohammed, one unique thing is our consistent conformity to democratic

norms which ordinarily should set the pace for the recalcitrant

People's Democratic Party (PDP) to follow. But for the PDP's selfish

practice of democracy, it has always been foolhardy to imbibe a sound

democratic culture. There is no party in the history of Nigeria that

has brought our great country to such local and international

disrepute as the PDP, with sobriquet by Prof. Wole Soyinka as a “Nest

of Killers”.
Nigerians are yet to reap from the myriads of budgets presented by the

PDP-led national government since 1999 to date. There has never been

any dividend or gains from these unrealistic estimates compressed

without sufficient analysis: A reoccurring decimal that has been

applied for a period of ten years now. It is time for the PDP-led

national government to take a queue from the best example we have in

our dear country, the Action Congress government of Lagos state. In

Lagos, governance has been re-defined for the interest of the people

and proper democratic culture institutionalized right from the Asiwaju

Bola Tinubu's era. Lagos State at the moment can effectively boast of

independent sectors/agencies that are self sustaining.

Such agencies are the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, Lagos

State Water Corporation and others. These agencies, according to the

governor, have truly enhanced their capacity to run on their own

strength. Lagos is also placing greater emphasis in the 2010 budget in

improving the quality of life in the rural areas, particularly through

Agriculture based micro-finance funding under the existing framework

of the Lagos State Micro Finance Initiative: A scheme that will boost

the rural economy, create rural based employment and encourage more

people to stay within their environment. This without much emphasis

will open up robust economic activities and accelerated urban

We need action, and that action is what Nigerians are seeing in the

Action Congress-led government of Lagos State, which has brought

Governor Fashola to the international community as a governor with a

background in Law who has applied it effectively and appropriately for

the enhancement of democratic dividends, a song that is sung in all

the nooks and crannies of the state. The Edo State Governor, Comrade

Adams Oshiomhole is also playing his own shots with unprecedented

developments being implemented in Edo
Because the PDP is worried of the feats that have been achieved so far

in less time since our pacesetters and action governors of the Action

Congress came to the saddle, PDP in their usual retrogressive posture

are looking for all possible ways to discredit our heroes in Lagos and

Edo States, respectively. But the giant strides and landmarks have

made their possible thoughts, an impossibility. It is indeed a tall

dream. Fashola, ride on.
Suage Badey, Chairman, Rivers State Action Congress. Email:

[email protected]
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