Ekiti Assembly Trying To Frustrate Fayose'

Source: thewillnigeria.com

The newly-inaugurated government in Ekiti State has accused the state House of Assembly of trying to frustrate the Governor Ayo Fayose's administration by deciding to go on a month's recess.

Making the allegation in a statement issued Friday, the Special Adviser to Governor Fayose on Information and Social Media, Lere Olayinka, said:  'After failing to realise his ambition of becoming Ekiti State Acting Governor (hoping that Fayose's inauguration would not hold), Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Dr. Wale Omirin,  has ordered that Ekiti lawmakers should go on one-month recess.'

According to the statement, 'The Speaker claimed that the seven PDP members in the House were plotting to impeach him and for this, Ekiti must be held to ransom.

'For the avoidance doubt, there is no plan from the State Government to force the removal of the Speaker or anyone in the House of Assembly.

'Most importantly, election and removal of the Speaker and other Principal Officers of the House of Assembly is the prerogative of the House Members, and not the duty of the Executive arm of government.

'However, we are aware of the plan by the APC to frustrate the Ayodele Fayose-led government, using the party-dominated House of Assembly.'

The statement said 'The plan is to prevent the governor from making statutory appointments like Commissioners and Special Advisers as well as presentation and passage of the 2015 Budget.'

It added that ' by ordering that the Ekiti lawmakers should go on “One Month Recess,” Dr. Omirin is only acting the Plan B script of the APC. That is: “MAKE EKITI UNGOVERNABLE for Fayose the way they made the State ungovernable for Segun Oni.”

The statement however assured the   people of Ekiti State that 'like their previous plans to subvert the will of Ekiti people, this APC Plan B, which is to frustrate the government will fail.'

The statement said further: 'It is the desire of the Fayose-led government to provide a people-oriented government, and no plan by the opposition APC will be allowed to hold us down as a people.

'It is also worthy of mention that as directed by the APC leaders, Speaker, Dr. Omirin, who is the head of the legislative arm of the Ekiti State Government refused to attend the inauguration of Governor Fayose and his deputy, Dr. Kolapo Olusola-Eleka yesterday.

'This to us is a clear demonstration of lack of understanding of his position as the Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly and not the APC House of Assembly.

'We therefore wish to counsel the Speaker to see himself more as representing the collective interest of the people of Ekiti State, not that of APC and he should act in accordance with the desires of the people.'