SAD NEWS! Actress & Actor Loss Parent

Source: Yemoh Ike -

The loss of a parent is one of the hardest experiences to endure, especially for those who have to bury their parents at a step up stage in their career.
Star actress, Chichi Neblett has joined the fatherless group. The actress recently lost his father, Joe Neblett. The asthmatic patient died on his way to the hospital after an attack on October 4th. He left behind ten beautiful children and died at age 50

Unfortunately, Chichi is not the first celeb to have lost a parent. Many others have suffered the same loss but gained resilience as a result. We pray that she overcome this tragedy and climbed to new heights.

Our condolence also goes to Majid Michel for losing a loving mother. For those who don't know his mom, Paulina Olympio is the granny in the Gino family ad.

We say; “May Their Souls Rest in Peace”