Peter Obi, the Judas Iscariot of our time

By Barr Chris Odogwu

Obi has proved once again that politics is a game of interest and miscalculated before defecting to PDP. At times in life there comes a time when collective interests of the people will supersede individuals interests. The Ex Governors defection to PDP has made APGA more stronger and unified. APGA was formed on the ideology that south east region will have a political party like the APC in the south west.

The headlines about Mr Peter Obi is normal when compared to new bride in marriage but the fear of Mr Gregory Peter Obi is that he never knew that 17th of March 2014 will ever come. That will tell you the myopic brain of most Nigerian politicians.

I was compelled to write this article after reading series of junk articles by Peter obi's attack dogs on the internet that APGA members are lamenting of the former Governors exit. Valentine Obienyem is only singing a myopic political song with his master in a strange land. The Gods of the land stripped Obi all his titles when he resigned as the Leader of APGA which is the symbol of Ndi Igbo. I want to draw his attention to the 1999 PDP Jos convention when Jim Nwobodo betrayed DR Alex Ekwueme and today where is Jim. Obi has no political financial powers to execute any political project in Anambra state any longer and has decided to defect to save his shroud monetary attitude.

People should not misunderstand the protest on Peter Obi by APGA members as weakness but rather as a celebration of total liberation from a traitor. The new APGA is born. Why would APGA members lament on a man that nearly killed APGA, the only sitting Governor that lost his three senatorial zones to opposition party and frustrated Late Prof Dora Akunyili. Wasted a lot of money by causing confusion in the party trying to install Maxi Okwu as the National Chairman so that by now they will all defect to PDP in which he miscalculated with no apologies yet. The protest was not for Obi to come back to APGA but to clearly remind him that he is now a shadow of himself.

Sycophants singing false praises for Mr Gregory Peter Obi should understand that APGA did not grow under Obi. Anyone following him politically is playing the Russian Rolex because he is the master of use and dump. Maxi Okwu is bitter that Obi dumped him.

APGA will continue to grow because the present administration led by Chief DR Willie M. OBIANO has delivered a message of hope to party members and Ndi Anambra.

Barr Chris Odogwu
Political Consultant from Aguata L.G.A

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