RE: The voice of Jocob and the hand of Esau!

Source: Dr. Collins Enoyogiere, Chief Superintendent, BLUAA

The voice of Jocob and the hand of Esau! Being a rejoinder to an article on Vanguard Newspaper's Viewpoint of Monday 13th October 2014 by The Benin Legion of Uniben Alumni Association (BLUAA), 2a Okhoro Crescent, G.R.A., Benin City. 15th October 2014.

The attention of members and executives of our noble Legion has been drawn to a publication in one of Nigeria's esteemed Newspapers - The Vanguard; aimed at tarnishing the unassailable imaged of the University of Benin Management and Senate. And based on our forensic investigation, the said article was authored and edited on the dining table of a former Vice Chancellor who was recently stripped of a honorary title by the University of Benin senate. As a watchdog of integrity and academic excellence in Nigeria, BLUAA believes that until eminent title holders in Nigeria are faced with the international best practices code of honorary awards - that they stand to be striped of such eminent titles the day they start to degenerate the esteemed glory attached to their plaque of honor, they will not seat up and conduct themselves in decorum. The assertion in the first paragraph of the mischievous article “the University of Benin alumni and key stakeholders around the world are shocked over untoward and negative news about their institution and have all recoiled with disgust at the recent tyrannical and atavistic tendencies of the outgoing Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Oshodi…….” is to say the least a self-serving attempt to mislead the gullible public into a sordid conclusion. For the records, the University alumni are a reflection of the integrity-conscious Senate of the University of Benin. The malicious article is consistent with the voice and speech pattern of the former Vice Chancellor. We have it on good authority, and we make bold as to say that the author of the article is on-his-own

In the article, the Biblical 'voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau' played out, because, we diagnosed that the script was written by the so-called Professor who was dazed by the astute and infallible resolution of the Uniben's Senate, which was taken after painstaking advise and caution to the said Professor to seat up and conduct himself with the decorum expected from the holder of such esteemed title; and was consequently endorsed by 2/3rd majority of Senate. It's a well-known fact that the said Professor was constituting a serious psychological impediment to the University Council and Senate as he was fond of absenteeism, and surreptitious blackmail of Senate and Council resolutions. As a body of post graduates of the University of Benin, we made several visits to the Professor, both at his Etete residence, and his office annex - WHARC, to counsel him of the consequences of his Pedestrian outrage against the person of the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Benin - Sen. Bob Effiong and the University of Benin Vice Chancellor. We did reminded him that as a former Vice Chancellor, his resort to instigation of a nuisance journalist; and incitement of Delta State Students Association against a seating-VC was un-heard off, and that the repercussion is beyond setting of a dangerous precedent, to evolving a bad-blood-syndrome. The ex- VC replied in the most uncomplimentary form, he even told us that he has compiled anti-corruption cases against the person the Pro-Chancellor, because, in his words "since the Pro-Chancellor does not see the need to dethrone Prof. Oshodin as VC, by the time he is being dragged by the EFCC and ICPC for matters he knows little or nothing about, he will seat up and booth the VC out of office".

We urge Newspaper organizations to be circumspect and thorough in assessment of articles as well as their authors, before publishing in order not to be part of unholy plots by some disgruntled elements to undermine goodwill and corporate integrity, which ought to be the hallmark of journalistic practice all over the world. The credibility and acceptability of the Uniben Management to the federal Government is incomparable, because, it is one citadel of learning that has given plausible bite to President Jonathan's Transformation Agenda. So, for a Professor who has been humbled by his ex-academics by stripping him of such an exalted honor as Emeritus Professor, is to say the least a good measure to elderly rascality. Nigerians must hold public office holders and prestigious title holders accountable for their actions and inactions, so that they are constantly conscious of the implications of resorting to nuisance tendencies.

Yours Sincerely.
Dr. Collins Enoyogiere, Chief Superintendent, BLUAA.

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