The Nyakoic-Fintirism

From the onset, I must applaud myself for adding another word into the Nigerian political lexicon. The Nyakoic-Fintirism simply can be defined as the events that led to the pull-out of the former Governor of Adamawa state, Retired Air Admiral Murtala Nyako from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and his strong opposition and criticism of the presidency, his later political misfortunes and his impeachment on one hand, and on the other hand, the involvement of the Adamawa Assembly speaker, Alhaji Ahmad Umar Fintir in the whole impeachment saga, his bulldozing effort to takeover by contesting the replacement election slated for 11th October, 2014, and the shattering of his hope and desire by a court injunction to swear-in Nyako's deputy, Bala James Gilari who was stage-managed to resign at the peak of the faceoff between Nyako and the presidency.

Like one watching an international match, I had taken much of my time recording the events as they unfolded in Adamawa. But as one who is quite familiar with Nigerian films, I was able to predict correctly the end of the interesting Adamawa show. I saw it going to happen when under controversies, the resignation letter of the deputy was accepted. I saw it going to happen when Gilari was covertly instructed by Abuja politicians to go to court. I saw it going to happen when Fintir was persuaded not to withdraw from the governorship race. And I saw it when for Nuhu Ribadu was lured to dustbin.

Nigeria is such a unique country with unique people, with unique thinking pattern and unique actions. Every Nigerian is quite unique except in three things: greed, corruption and faithlessness. Our greediness is not in making positive history for our country, even if regarded negative by the outer world. It is greediness in oppressing our own people; greediness in power mongering; greediness in the full execution of the pull-him-down-syndrome; greediness in shallow mentality of fixing our eyes on the feet; and greediness in faulting any good in humanity. Corruption is the uniting force in our politics. And above all, many of our politicians do not believe in tomorrow or learnt from the errors of yesterdays. Lo, tread with care and caution for what is yours comes your way not by error! Fintir has been used and dumped because of the trio.

I have continued to use this historic event as an example for Nigerian politicians. Look at this exemplary level of loyalty, loyalty to the finger that fed him, actually not to a fault but with the reason that the evil actions gyrate, thus what one does to others will rebound, however long it may take. Yes, for peace and good governance to reign in a state, the executive and the legislature must work in harmony.

Specific reference is given to the former speaker of Rivers state who is not the governor of the state Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. He was put under serious pressure by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to impeach his for boss, Dr. Peter Odili. Every Nigeria who had interest in Obasanjo's political meander and maneuver could have forgotten this episode so easily. Yet, what a pity that Nigerian politicians do not learn from history? Amaechi tactically maneuvered over the saga which led to the 'K-legging' of his mandate to govern Rivers state by the human power. But alas, how the overpowering hand of the unseen restored him to the position he had been ordained to occupy. This was an interesting episode, indeed.

Funny enough, Umaru Fintiri refused to immediately vacate the government house after the former Deputy Governor, Ngilari was sworn it. Funnier even was the resistance of the state branch of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which promised to appeal the judgment to ensure a stay of execution on the political rigmarole.

What powers has Adamawa State Acting Governor Umaru Fintiri and Adamawa PDP to oppose the verdict of the Abuja Federal High Court, under the chairmanship of Justice Ademola Adeniyi, which sacked his administration. The national PDP has sealed the case by asking all its members to comply with the order of the court which ruled that the resignation of Bala Ngilari did not follow due process, thus his eligibility to replace his boss, impeached by the overzealous speaker on 15thJuly, 2014.

Fintiri, however, swimming in the ocean of confusion and self deceit, had claimed that Nyako had nominated a state legislator, Adamu Kamale, to replace him as his deputy after receiving Ngilari's resignation letter, after which the state House of Assembly was officially informed in writing on the development.

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