South Africa returns $15m arms purchase fund to Nigeria, apologises


The South African government has announced that their resolve to return the $15million meant for purchase of arms back to Nigerian government as their investigation reveals nothing shady in the arms deal.

In a similar release, the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Myakayaka Manzini said that that South Africa had been selling arms to Nigeria and that his country was prepared to sell arms to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram.‚ÄĚSouth Africa will do everything to maintain cordial relations with Nigeria and would not do anything to hurt her national interests.The South African Government stated that there was proper documentation and detailed list of items to be purchased with the funds and regrets the whole controversy. The timeline for the refund was not stated by South Africa.

We cannot confirm if the u-turn by South Africa is a reaction to the threat from President Goodluck Jonathan to issue a damaging economic directive against South African companies operating in Nigeria. -

courtesy Hope For Nigeria.
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