Why Rochas hates enlightened people and why they dislike him

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By Tony Izuogu
I remain consistent in my informed opinion that Rochas has strong grassroot support. He knows that and that accounts for his ambitious efforts to remain in power.

I have considered a lot of those opposed to Rochas and I have come up with an inference which is that the middle class and the elite make up the greatest percentage of those opposed to Rochas.

Why is this so? How important is this fact?
The middle class and the elite are opposed to Rochas because their experience with him shows that he lacks credibility and trustworthiness. As a politician, whether good or bad, the most unfortunate thing that can happen to you is to lose the ability to be trusted…by important people.

On his own, Rochas resents the enlightened middle class and elite because he cannot (or no longer) sell his incredible stories to them. The likes of professor Fabian Osuji whom he made SSA on education didn't last more than a few months in his government. The reason is that polished minds cannot tolerate the character called Rochas Okorocha and his antics. Recall that professor Viola Onwuliri was offered commissionership by Rochas in 2011. The woman regarded the offer an insult to herself because of the person it came from.

That is unlike most of grassroot population who are first not developed in their minds to see his untruths; and secondly who are poor enough to accept his miserable handouts.

Rochas Okorocha finds it tempting to believe that he can win election with his sugarcoated words to that vulnerable and susceptible rural grassroot. However, what worries him is that the elite is set to wield the big stick and make him know that the third estate he is banking on is only as relevant as the elite allows. Hence you see Rochas making behind the scene efforts to placate the elite…esp at Abuja level. But here lies the problem, nobody trusts him.

Anyone who still thinks that it was actual votes that made Rochas governor in 2011 doesn't know a thing about elections. It was the elite that made Rochas governor in the hope that he would be better than Ohakim whom they had, for vested interests, sought to deal with for reasons they now regret and want to correct.

Rochas swims in mediocrity, and that is what the elite wont accept. That the past government didn't do a thousand roads doesn't make it good to construct roads that last only three rainfalls.

Come 2015, if Rochas has the dutch courage to contest any elective office, the middle class and elite will make him know that power belongs to “the people” and not the people.

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