The Demonstration Against Obi is a Welcome Development

By Mazi Odera

Mr. Valentine Obienyem, the Media Aide to the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has described the demonstrations and universal regret that his boss left the All Progressives Grand Alliance ( APGA), for the People's Democratic Party ( PDP) as a welcome development, insisting that more of such demonstration are welcome for the lessons inherent in them. Obienyem was reacting to the demonstration in Nnewi by some APGA faithfuls against Obi's leaving the party.

In a release made available to the press, Mr. Obienyem, said that more demonstrations and expression of regrets were, in fact, expected and that all of them pointed out to one thing: that a grave situation visited APGA leaving friends and foes of the Governor crying and rolling on the ground. Therefore, he submitted, "the demonstration, including more to come in future, are perfectly understandable.

"Many people leave parties everyday unsung. In Obi's case, the unprecedented reactions, never witnessed in a Nigeria, or perhaps since the evolution of party politics, only show how important Obi is and how dearly he is missed. It shows that those he left are feeling it so much and could not bear to wait to ask him to come back by way of demonstration. Though we understand their predicament, we urge them to take heart since, as Obi himself made it clear, it was not because of APGA or any person, but to offer him the opportunity to campaign fully for President Jonathan, whom he is aware that APGA is also supporting- a case of pursuing the same end through different routes and therefore call for fraternal understanding. Besides, the era of regional politics is gone and Obi, forward-looking as ever, is desirous of playing regional politics that will enable our people to be together, speak with one voice and get our due from the centre. Look at how generous the man is, he left quietly without his followers thus not cutting that umbilical cord connecting him to APGA", Obienyem said.

Further, Obienyem said that though he was aware how the topmost echelon in APGA leadership brought out money for the demonstration, he said that it was not the best way to run a party, reminiscent, according to him, the reforms Obi made futile attempt to introduce in APGA. "It was even those old men that resisted reforms, in APGA and short of ideas that are leading the demonstration," Obienyem said.

Concluding, Obienyem thanked all those who realize that by joining any party or deciding to belong to no party, that a citizens inalienable right and must be respected at all times.