Source: Dr. Sandra Chidinma Duru -Eluobi

There is little or no doubt that Nigeria remains a popular nation not just in Africa but in the world. To me, it is of course, preferable to be unpopular than to be renown for discreditable reasons.

Nigeria, a country endowed with immeasurable human and material resources has been marginalized and relegated to the bottom owing to the demonstration of sheer incompetence of her leaders. With no fear or favour, the greatest of all the challenges confronting our dear nation is that of leadership!

The saying, that in the land of the one-eyed, the two-eyed is not a king but an enemy is better illustrated with the Nigeria scenario.. Even when the bible says "let he with no sin be the first to cast a soul", in our own land Nigeria, the sane Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was suspended based on vague and unproven infractions which appeal not to the sensibilities of many Nigerians. The pertinent question that must be asked is, can 'our leaders' give any logical explanation to the $9.3 Million starched away in a private aircraft to another man's land purported to be money voted for the acquisition of ammunition to do God knows what with? While it is reported that 20 percent of Nigerians feed on less than $1 daily? (POLL Vanguard 21 May, 2013.), definitely, the $9.3 million and over $20 billion dollars missing would be of immense contribution if channeled toward poverty eradication. With the picture of the two that I have painted, who can be said to be unaccountable and financially reckless? It's a pity we don't celebrate legends of rectitude and fairness anymore.

It is only in Nigeria that a leader can use the channel of the threat of violent insurgency to justify misrule, incompetence and insensitivity without a substantial step taken by his followers to threaten his position, not even by pronouncing impeachment. For how long will we endure this?

I have always believed in good governance and I advocated for good leadership and Nigeria's development. If Nigeria would be better, it's definitely not with the leadership style of someone who seeks four years to exhibit competence that couldn't have been exhibited for over six years. Nigerians are not credulous enough to fall for such laughable persuasion while our blood is used to lubricate the wheel of the Abuja-based government. We must at this point in time leave the fool's paradise.

While good people of Nigeria advocate for good governance, the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) has severally got me staring at my television in utmost bewilderment, seriously thinking if I am actually not residing in another Nigeria after seeing numerous songs and act of praise for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. What has president GEJ done about the good initiative of Pre adult Affairs Organization's STUDENTS AND YOUTH SUPPORT PROGRAM, THE STUDENT AND YOUTHS RIGHTS AND WELFARE BILL? Instead of working with creative and great minds/youths, he surrounded himself with praise singers who derive pleasure in presenting corrupt students leaders under the umbrella of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) to endorse him as their presidential candidate while Mr. President gave a handsome price of Ten Million Naira. A fund that was reasonably supposed to be used for students/youths development programs and projects was unanimously shared among the so-called student leaders. Is this the type of leadership and management we want in Nigeria?

Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria is a body proclaiming to uphold One-Vision...... Interesting!

I wouldn't be surprised to see that this group of greedy campaigners hiding under the cloak of ambassadorship doesn't literally comprehend what it means to be transformation ambassadors. How could you possibly use positivity to solicit mayhem on your own countrymen? While TAN is dressing GEJ in a delusion of grandeur, I still strongly hold my opinion that, another four years of GEJ leadership is tantamount to eternity in hell!

If the One-vision being upheld by TAN is to bring back President Jonathan as our President come 2015, then I have this to say to TAN, devoid of any political affiliation, influence or partisanship, but as a concerned citizen with utmost patriotism:

TAN! May your families be transformed just "the same way" His Excellency President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has transformed Nigeria! Did I hear you say, "Amen"?

Nigeria, a country full of sensible, vibrant and incorruptible youths is pitiably under the control of a man who sees stealing of public fund as an "ordinary" act and not corruption. Now, I keep wondering what a perfect example of corruption is!

Today, we make loud demands for PEACE. Peace! Peace!! Peace!!! Peace we call upon! Peace we need to grow! Peace we seek to live together! Peace we need here and there! Peace to make us grow bigger and better!

Peace; a disposition free from stress, war, insurgencies and anxiety. Nigeria; a nation bedeviled with several unmentionable atrocities, abduction, sporadic bombing raids, Child abuse, assassination, defamatory politicking and objectionable pronouncements, religious and tribal discrimination, unaccountability of public office holders, character assassination among others, also call for peace insistently and noisily.

So, I must say in essence and substance that Peace will NEVER reign in my dear country Nigeria if we don't begin to perceive and tolerate one another from our areas of convergence as opposed to our areas of divergence, if we don't start seeing each other as a unified whole, if our conscience is still beclouded by tribalism, if the love of money is chosen over the love for humanity, if we still out-rightly find it hard to accept that there's is right to religion and most importantly, if we do not seek a SUDDEN, RADICAL and COMPLETE change in our political class and government as a whole- Revolution!

I hereby call upon the teeming mission-critical and incorruptible youth of Nigeria to reasonably support and choose an exemplary leader capable of imposing standard amidst multitudes and ready to make Nigeria a world-class nation among her contemporaries.

After Revolution, Peace then comes to stay!

By: Dr. Sandra Chidinma Duru -Eluobi,, 08026741128.

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