rld Bank said Tuesday  it was  ready to partner with Nigeria in providing solutions to the problem of carbon emission,  gas flaring and other negative vices resulting from climate change.

Country Director, Mr Onno Ruhl, who spoke at the inauguration of the Climate Change Desk of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in Abuja, said the bank was also keen in assisting the country to achieve overall diversification of the economy, so as to reduce its dependence on oil and gas as the main revenue earner.

“Nigeria is not just a victim of climate change but also gas flaring from oil production and pollution emanating from urban transportation.

'This provides an opportunity to support the over-all agenda of diversifying the Nigerian economy away from its dependence  on oil and gas, especially for export revenues.

“I am delighted to see that the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as  Environment, is taking up the challenge along with some state governments.I would like to say that we at the World  Bank are committed to supporting the Federal Government, first of all in the analytical side and sharing knowledge we have from other countries that have started addressing the issues as they affet their economy. And if the analytical study which we are happy to start immediately would lead to specific intervention, it will help Nigeria move forward faster , we will be able to consider them in terms of our financing the project through the Federal Ministry of Finance,” he said.

The inauguration of the Climate Change Desk which is brain-child of a joint effort by the Federal Ministries of Science and Technology and Environment and the Nigeria Climate Action Network (NigeriaCAN), is an effort by government to develop a technology-backed response to aid adaptation to climate change in the country.

Minister of Science and Technology,  represented by Director of Chemical and Technology Research, Dr. J. A. Aremu, said the Climate Change Desk is charged with identifying the relevant technological needs, facilitate technological transfers, as well as capacity building for developing endogenous technology.